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Sydney to Byron on 19th /20th

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by JohnAndHisBike, Dec 13, 2014.

  1. Hello all. I'm planning to ride from sydney to Byron bay and want trips on some of the fun roads to ride. I'm still on Ls so not that keen for the straight boring highways. Happy to meet up with anyone along the way as well!

  2. Head out to Windsor, then Wilberforce. Do the Putty road to Singleton then go though to Gresford, Stroud, Gloucester and then follow Buckets Way across to pick up the highway at Nabiac, stop off at the Motorcycle museum before you head north...
  3. Thanks so much. Started this morning and about 20kms from putty road now!
  4. Had a great ride and arrived safely at Byron having met some great people along the way too. Went bucketts way then thunderbolts way and overnight at Armidale. Then went Armidale road to Grafton then to casino. Went then on spring grove road to Lismore then B62 to Byron. Close to 1000km all up. And a great trip! Thanks for getting me started hornet. Missed the museum but maybe on the way back! Thanks also to Steve (not on netrider yet) who travelled with me from Gloucester to just past Lismore.
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  5. Nice..

    Hope you took some pictures as well?
  6. Just rode back to sydney over the weekend. Torrential rain in some parts And raining the whole time except for the last 100km. Still fun though. Stuck to the main highway until I get a bit more confidence in the wet. Some twisties on day 1 though.
    Need better wet weather gear for sure. When I got to Armidale was soaked through( as was everything in my pack!). Pools of water in my boots! Day two I was warmer and wore dishwashing gloves over my gloves which kept the hands dry.
    Have added a few photos of the trip. I need to get better at documenting and taking photos. Saw some beautiful scenery though! image. image.
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  7. image.
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  8. Now that is a great photograph!
  9. Well done. Get some light wet weather over pants and jacket. They pack away small. Make sure the pants come upto your chest or water will seep over the into your dry stuff under neath. Cheers and many many more miles of happy riding
  10. awesome photos - Casino & its surrounds are where I grew up - rememeber Byron Bay before it was invaded by every new age trendy wanky yuppie - there used to be a couple of fish and chip shops catering to holiday makers and very little else. There is a thread in 'the lighter side' called photos from your ride - make sure you post there after a ride:happy: