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Sydney to Brisbane

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Thirsty Dave, Apr 9, 2013.

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    I'm planning a trip to Brisbane to see family and then back a couple of days later. I just wanted a few tips from some of you that have done it.
    I'm thinking of going up through Wollombi then up the New England Hwy to Armidale for the night. The next day I was thinking of going through Tenterfield and Warwick then on to Burpengary which is about 40km north of Brisbane. But this seems a bit main roadish and uneventful (correct me if I'm wrong).

    The way I was thinking of going through Nimbin, Lismore, Casino, Grafton then taking Orara Way to Coffs Harbour. From there it looks like 160km of freeway to Wauchope (I've already done the Oxley) where I will stop for the night. Then I'm thinking of taking Comboyne rd to Wingham then Buckets Way for a bit and head to Nabiac so i can squirt down Wootton Way. From there Booral Rd to Buckets Way again then back on the F3 and Old Pacific Hwy to home.

    Please let me know of any alternative routes, places to stop, roads to look out for etc.

    Thanks in advance

  2. You can take Bucketts to Gloucestor then thunderbolts to Walca, then back down the range at Armidale to Grafton via Nymboida, it is not really any more kms than the highway but heaps more corners.

    Then from grafton through Lismore and Nimbin and over the border as you said

    You could also contemplate doing Waterfall Way at Dorrigo. I also think that the Oxley can never be done too many times.
  3. We rode Putty to Singlton, then across to Bucketts way today via some back route along a series of ridges. We were warn to skip Tamworth due to delays with roadworks. The back road was Rough as guts and greasy in the wet for about 30km, but the rest of the about 100km was worth it. From there we went via Thunderbolts way in to Armidale tonight.

    The two of us are trying to make up some time tomorrow to Brisbane. We're planning on going straight up to Warwick before cutting across to the Mount Lindsay highway and into Brisbane tomorrow night.

    I don't know what your riding or how far your doing each day. We have a BMW K1300R and a K1600GT and currently averaging 500-600km a day. Aiming to be in Townsville by Friday night.
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    Go check out my thread in roads touring and riding diaries "unconnecteds sydney to brisbane trip" and check out my map, i did what your doing except skipped wollumbi because im up there every other weekend anyway.

    I would avoid the new england for any great length of time, its going to be freezing up there, and its pretty boring and full of caravans.

    For some fun after wollumbi i would suggest going to maitland, leaving via clarence town road, then from ctown take limeburners creek road over to the bucketts way, then stop in booral for a great bacon and egg roll, before taking booral road (exciting, but sketchy) back to the F3 for a little bit, then you hop off onto wootton way (very fun road, wide, fast, smooth) at buladelah, then keep going to nabiac, take a left and head up to gloucester then thunderbolts into walcha, then up to you what GDR crossing you want to go for, they are all twisty as hell and fun. You can save time by just staying on buckets, but booral road is a fun one, and so is wootton way, if you can spare the kays its worth it.

    If your not doing the oxley i would highly highly recommend taking the bruxner highway into lismore, its a great road and that i would say rivals the oxley. Then you want to do your nimbin roads, head over to murwillumbah (also great roads) and then from murwillumbah go over into QLD using the nerang-murwillumbah road (one of the most scenic roads ive ever ridden, a bit sketchy on the nsw side though) Depending on the time, go through advancetown (great roads, great tarmac) then nerang and onto the M1 for the blast into brissy if its late. if its not and its still light out, go over mt tamborine as well.

    edit:just saw you were already aware of many of the roads i listed, but yeah i can back up them being fun so long as you have your wits about you, some of them are goat tracks in places and head ons with locals in land cruisers are not uncommon so take it easy around blind bends (most of them)

    Edit2: go for a blast around cootah in brissy, its pretty fun and has some good views.
  5. Unless you really want to go through Nimbin you can avoid Lismore and Nimbin and go straight from Casino to Kyogle along the Summerland Way then in to Murwillumbah. Still plenty of twisties.
  6. @Finn just did that ride last week, took him about 72 hours cause he had to stop at every shop/pub to eat something :) (only joking) see if he comes on and gives you some tips
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  7. kyogle road is also a good one, on the way home i came through that way then down summerland way into grafton, its a decent route, but summerland is about F3 levels of boring, but at least your off the main track.
  8. You're a cunny funt Goz.

    We did Syd F3 to Wauhope first day, then to Walcha via Oxley, then Thunderbolt & Bruxner hwy. We were going to to come out at Beaudesert but it bucketed down and there were just too many rainbows on the road so we headed for the Pacific Hwy at Balina.

    I just slabbed it all the way home a few days later. Left Tweed Heads at 08:00 and got home at 6pm. Ride, fuel - red bull. That was it.
    I rarely entered lose your licence territory.
  9. Great.

    Heaps of useful information, Going to head up Thunderbolts Way through walcha to Armidale now. And on the way home I'm going to take Armidale road to Waterfall Way to Uranga.

  10. This is definitely a ride I wish to complete at some point in future, though originating from Melbourne, breaking it down in 3 days (Melbourne -> West Wyalong, WW->Tamworth, Tw->Brisbane...)
    Best of luck with your ride, Thirsty Dave.
  11. Hey Guys,

    I'm heading Bris > Syd in a few days & was wondering if you guys had some recommendations on this trip; http://goo.gl/maps/v8ytI
    I read through Unconnected's thread, which looked pretty good, though only a portion looked like the road(s) I would be traveling on, so was hoping for some feedback on the other sections, roads I best avoid or possible detours for some reason ?
    I'm choosing NewEng Hwy mainly because I don't feel comfortable riding on the big multi-lane motorway (even though I have for a short trip before, I'm still sort of learning to ride, not much experience under my belt :\ ) + I thought riding during the day in a more country environment might be a bit more enjoyable.
    I plan to stop off at major towns to refuel if necessary + stretch (seems to be about 1-1.5hrs between towns)


  12. Are you planning to stop overnight at all?
    This time of year you won't get 11 hours of daylight and, depending on when you leave and especially since you are heading south and inland, it will be getting cold in the morning or early evening.
    I'd break it up and stop overnight and try to get as much sunshine riding as possible.
  13. Hi @NSSherlock, no plans on stopping (except for a break every 1-2hrs). I was planning on leaving early morning (around 3-4am) so I had as much daylight as possible. I've got some cold weather gear, maybe pick up a neck warmer too (Aldi ski sale) which hopefully will help some.
  14. Leaving that early should do it. At least you get a warmer colder morning - hopefully.
  15. Its going to be cold as ice, literally, on the new england. Considering you lack experience, i would not suggest you try it all in one day in the middle of winter, that would be a pretty bad idea. What is the longest you have ridden in a day up to this point?
    I rode up it during mid morning in august last year and it was about 1 or two degrees. Its likely to be negative or near to it at 4-6am.

    Take the F3 if you want to do it all in one day/night as it will be about 15 degrees warmer and you actually stand a chance in making it, even when i rode the F3 back from brissy in august, it was still really cold by nightfall, and even wearing two thermal layers, a jumper, a bath towl, a rain jacket, the leather jackets liner and the leather jacket, i was cold.

    Take two days to do it, take some twisty back country roads and have a good time not a shit terrible freezing cold hell ride.

    Also putty road at night isnt a fun place and very cold.

    EDIT: i dont know if your from bris or sydney, but riding in the cold is very very very cold. (also, if your from bris, you havnt ridden in the cold as it does not get cold in queensland)
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  16. thanks for the feedback guys :)

    :unsure: Didn't realise how cold the New England actually got :\. Longest ridden in a single trip is only an hour :unsure: , have driven 13hrs straight (though a bit different than riding I guess). I still prefer the route of New Eng though compared to the F3. Having all those cars will sort of freak me out a little. I guess I could give New Eng a shot, & if it gets too cold, take one of the roads to the coast and jump onto the Freeway ?

    Thanks again for the feedback, I really appreciate it :)
  17. Yeah that would work but considering your starting out at 4am ish, the coldest hours are just before dawn so if i was you i would start with the M1 and F3 and then if your feeling like the cars are freaking you out switch to the NE. But yeah the NE is seriously cold at least between tenterfield and walcha, your going to want a lot of warm layers. The temperature difference can be pretty massive, when i came off the NE into lismore via bruxner hwy, i had to pretty much de gear because it went from freezing to fcuking hot in about 100km.

    Riding a bike is a fair bit more tiring than driving a car but it should be dooable, i rode syd>cbr via the coast+twisties (850km) 5 days after i got my L's, but i had ridden 3-500km about 3 times during the week straight after i had my Ls, so i had a bit of distance experience behind me.

    The F3 is really not that scary, just stay in the left lane right wheel track and you will be fine, are your speeds limited? if not (qld?) then you should be fine, if they are just do 100kph or so, HWP generally understands.

    That being said, dont push yourself too hard considering it is your first big trip, if you need to stop, stop. Somewhere like coffs/kempsy or port is a good place, i stopped in port and it was 35$ for a night in a single room at a backpackers.

    Also wear earplugs, bring a full set of wet gear, and newspaper is great for keeping you warm in a pinch (stuff into jacket).
  18. @Unconnected Looking at my route, I could probably give a portion of the F3 a go. My new cold weather boots & gloves came today so I'm happy about that, interesting to see how they hold up :).

    Thanks for the tip :). I have an Open Restricted (lams bike) QLD license so I can rider faster & more with the flow of traffic (instead of the silly 80/90km limit :eek: ). Mostly have issues of "what happens if something goes wrong", but as you said, I'll jump onto NE if getting too uncomfortable :).
    $35 for the night seems reasonable if the trip gets to me, do you remember the name of the place you stayed at ?

    What about inland places to stop at, any recommendations for servos/food ? Any place(s) to avoid/keep riding ?
    Scenic places with views or anything (to take some pics a long the way :) )

    Thanks again for all your suggestions/tips/feedback :),

  19. Well if your worry is about things going wrong F3 is a good idea, your never too far from a town and there are always cars passing by. I wouldnt worry about it mate, the cars and trucks are pretty good at driving up there, also a decent portion of it is single track road too. Though do realize your worries about multi lane are very misplaced, single track roads kill far more than multi lanes.

    The place i stayed at was called ozzie pozzie back packers i think, or something like that, decent place at least when i was there there were backpackers shouting me beer and it was pizza night :p.

    Also what part of sydney is your final destination? putty puts you about 1 hr west of the cbd/most of sydney with about 4 toll roads between you and the city (also lots of traffic if peak hour weekdays) . If you go F3 and stay on it for pacific highway (not actually a highway, suburban road) then you will end up in the main part of sydney and wont be 20$ lighter from the tolls.

    I would recommend you stop at fredo's pies and get some kind of crazy meat filled pasty, they have every kind of meat, croc, camel, emu, roo, etc as well as cow. there are few of them along the F3. The big things are always a fun stop off as well, there are like 5 along the F3.

    When are you leaving? i am doing a northern trip leaving friday, heading up to the nimbin area and back over the weekend. Might cross paths at a servo.
  20. I'll be heading down to Richmond, mainly why I chose to go through Putty (that & I thought inland would be a nice country ride) :). Will be heading down most likely Wednesday morning, need to be there by Friday.
    Thanks for the suggestion about Fredo Pies :), checked their website out, they do look quite good, will definitely stop there if I find myself on that section of F3.. might try a croc pie :hungry: