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Sydney to Brisbane and return ride!

Discussion in 'VIC' started by damov, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. I am riding my new R6 up to Queensland to get here rego changed over and am wanting to see if there is anyone going up that way early next week or late this week? I am flexible on the day to leave so if your keen post a reply here. I will do it in about 2 - 3 days so it goona be a good road trip.

  2. Hey damov

    Which way r u thinking of riding up? coast road or new england hwy?

    if ur coming up the new england, give me a yell and i may join ya for a lil while coz im 1/2 way b/w syd and bris..or if ya just wanna stop for a coffee..
  3. I'd take him up on that offer, it's going to be chilly round the old knee caps by the time you get to Armidale, you're going to need some internal warm-up at least!!!
  4. Hi sicarius,

    I was thinking the coast road but if you want to tee up for a ride I dont mind coming up the new england highway. How far would you go? All the way up to bris vegas?

    Oh and hornet I was thinking if it gets chilli i will do the old newspaper trick. Mind you I can borrow some thermals off my cous that would be better me thinks
  5. Hey dude sorry its taken me a while to respond...my computer has been on the fritz for the last few days....well id probly go with you @ least to the QLD border...probly not all the way to bris though...if you want to crash in armidale overnight feel free...i have a very comfy futon that you could borrow if your feeling tired
  6. new england highway or pacific highway bris to sydney trip

    I am picking up my new (well slighty used) 2003 r6 from brisbane this sunday and will be riding her back to sydney on monday lunchtime. Taking a few days to do it seeing that I am a long distance virgin. Doing 450kms in one day counts though doesnt it?

    Was wondering if anyone had done the trip via the new england highway and know how it compares to doing the pacifice highway i.e. road conditions and traffice hazards such as trucks.

    Also anyone wanting to join me for a ride either part the way or the whole way post your replies here,
  7. hi sicarius

    decided not to buy that one in sydney she ran like a lawn mower! No wonder the guy was hesitant about letting me ride it. His words were "oh why do you want to ride it i never took it for a test ride when I bought it"

    As if I am going to buy a bike without test riding it!

    I have just bought one in brisbane riding back on monday.
  8. Good move...another case of "buyer beware"
  9. Well, it's pretty simple, really. The Pacific is slower, has more towns, less overtaking opportunities and more traffic. Less twisties and more boneheads.

    The New England is longer, but quicker. Less towns, more twisties, less traffic and more fun (IMHO)

    Both have their fair share of trucks, the NE perhaps a little more, but the upside is that there are many, many more overtaking opportunities on the NE than there are on the Pacific.

    Scenery-wise it depsnds what you like. The Pacific has some nice coastal views, especially the lookout on the top of the mountain overlooking Ballina, but the scenery along the NE, especially along the Liverpool Range, is pretty special too.

    If it were me, I'd do the NE.
  10. ne - pacific is booooooring.
  11. Re: new england highway or pacific highway bris to sydney tr

    Both routes are fairly boring, heavily controlled. For fun/ twisties/ national Park, lots of up/ down and great scenery/ quaint little counrtry towns:

    Brissie, Mt. Glorious, Wivenhoe Dam, south to Beaudesert, East up Tamborine,, south via Natural Bridge Nat Park (or Natural Arch) to Murwillumbah, inland to Kyogle (stick to the posted 80kmh zones), south to Casino, inland up the Bruxner, south on the New Engl. to Glen Innes, just north of town cut east down the Gwydir Hwy towards the coast,
    in Grafton turn south-west to Dorrigo and up the Waterfall Way inland to Armidale, then south on the New England to Uralla, south to Walcha, further South the Thunderbolt Way to Gloucester, 45km south of Gloucester turn inland on the Bucketts Way via Dungog to Singleton.
    South via Wollombi to Syd.

    Have fun...and put $$ aside...you might need another set of hoops after. :LOL: :LOL:
  12. It usually takes about 2 days to do the Brisbane to Sydney trip on the Pacific Hwy. I enjoyed the scenery of this route and there are plenty of turn offs to coastal routes for better views and a change of freeway riding. I recommend turning off south of Taree for Forster, then out to Bulahdelah. Lovely views and a good fang through the Nat. Park. :)
  13. Well now I can ad enduro rider to my resume!

    I ended up going the New England Highway via warrick stayed in Glen Innes for the night then did the full hog to singleton where I met up with a nice chick I know there. :) Stayed the night there as ya would and then then puddy road back to sydeny via windsor.

    All in all I would recomend the NE becuase there was stuff all traffic and I maybe had to pass 4 or 5 trucks in total. The only thing that I was a bit warey of was the possiblity of a kangaroo jumping out in front of me. God knows what I would do if that happened! I guess slow down real quick. I tried to stay in the right wheel track (when there was no traffic) where possible just in case one of those fury buggers jumped out.

    My arse was killing every 120 ks or so though, guess r6's were not designed for long distance comfort!
  14. Sensational, a new bike and a big ride to celebrate. Glad to hear that you got home safely after such a marathon effort. Enjoy the steed!
  15. thanks hornet I will. Went to bulli today for a spin. Man she is sweet.
  16. MAAATE! you need to call us if you're coming down to God's Little Secret, and we can take you out and show you some of the lovely roads we have down here. I'll PM you my number, give us a call when you're planning on coming down next.
    Not sure if I asked or not (suspect that I did) but are you interested in the Tamworth ride next weekend?
  17. Hey damov, don't tell me some Netrider advice actually proved to be valuable??? I don't believe it.
    Seriously, glad you had a good ride, there's nothing like the freedom of the open road.
  18. Firstly hornet I would love to do the tamworth ride except I am flying up to bris to do a job for the weekend but do pm me your number for next time.

    And rc36honda yep it did prove to be valuable who would have thought! lol

    Guess the net can be useful for otherthings than just smutty p0rn.