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Sydney to bid to host Australian Grand Prix

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. Na i cant really see the sporting capital losing this one to the GAY capital:LOL:
  2. thats rich coming from someone with that user name. :LOL:

    but seriously, the nsw govt blows. the minister in charge of this is called Sir Lunchalot. he recently spent $4K on a plasma TV that was installed in his house. he had to return it.

    and can anyone tell me how much you guys have lost, or taxpayers have had to stump up, to support that dwarf eccelstone and his previous sex romp star mosley just for this crappy event?

    we dont want it or this govt. pls keep it. and jeff kennett
  3. why does it have to be at homebush? The place is already a huge money sink without them trying to keep putting one more and one more event there. It's a place that was built with only one purpose and now sticks out like a bloody sore thumb. they should have demolished the place the week after the olympics finished.

    Don't get me started on the "race circuit" they have there...
  4. Lilley's spot on - Homebush was a terrible track for the V8's. Such wide open roads and they make the course like that?

    Now, if they ran it across the Harbour bridge, down around the Eastern and around the opera house. That would be fantastically beautiful, scenic and great for tourism.
  5. Can't see our incompetent NSW government succeeding, but the idea of making it a night race will put them in good standing with the F1 bosses who seem to think its a crime if any of there countrymen have to stay up late to watch a race like we do all season
  6. Don’t we hear this every year?
    Personally I think Sydney is welcome to it. Has it ever made any money? Or has it being a tax Payer funded Money sink every year?
  7. It depends how you define its benefit.

    Before I moved to Melbourne in 96, I didn't know where it was. When friends and family wanted to know where we were emigrating to, it was 'where?'. And I don't think enough people in Melbourne really understand just how small a player they are, both in the tourism and business market. If a company wants to set up shop in Australia, they want to set it up in Sydney, it has such a high profile. Now, the costs of the doing business in Sydney may make them re-evaluate their options, but Sydney would always be their first choice. When it comes to tourism, the average tourist dollar will go: Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Uluru, Barrier Reef. Melbourne, WTF would I want to visit Melbourne?

    Melbournites really need to get real about where they sit in the scheme of things and they way that Melbourne is presented to an international audience that numbers in the hundreds of millions is incredibly difficult to cost out. Trying to rationalise it based on simple gate attendance and estimate hotel patronage is never going to make it a sure fire winner, but how many people visit Melbourne and Victoria purely as a result of the TV exposure that this even generates every year? Listening to the residents of Albert Park whine each year is boring and they obviously don't understand just how important and how many people's livelihoods depend on tourism.

    And I assume you're also happy to lose both the Supers and the GP, as crowds of 50-60,000 over an entire event weekend, with almost zero foreign attendance hardly justifies the state support they receive either. Just because F1 may not be your thing, don't underestimate the value it brings in overall.
  8. and AFL is a global sport. yes it is. just listen to any Melburnian.lol.

    i kid. :LOL:
  9. If it is in Sydney, there is no way it could be held at homebush on the same track used for the V8s, absolute rubbish track, boring as hell with pointess dogleg turns and too narrow to boot.

    The only plus would be the close proximity to my house :) Although as much as I like F1, watching a live race is as dull as batshit. Unless you were to watch it on a nice open track where you could see more than one corner.
  10. Its a combination of the right race and the right spot on the right track. Whenever I went to watch v8's it really surprised me seeing the number of people that would only turn up for the supers then disappear between races. It was always the support races that made it for me. Generally speaking, i don't really like grandstand viewing, its to far removed from the track. Grandstand at eastern creek was dull and lifeless, 4/5 of the time you were watching the big screen, might as well have been at home. Only been to EC once, so don't know where better viewing spots would be. OP on the other hand was an excellent track for viewing once out of the grandstand. From thrifty corner ad further around was my favourite spot, but again, it was the support races that made the day so special. Loved the historic class as well as the "production class" and aussie cars. Sorry, I'm rambling again... :p I could go on...
  11. This latest fishing expedition by the NSW Govt reinforces the perception that Syndey is playing catch up again, trying to match Melbourne's success.

    Could it be that there is something smelly going on in NSW that the Govt is trying to throw an invisibility cloak over? What's new?!
  12. HAHA just shit stirring, I love visiting Sydney.
  13. I've always found the Albert park layout boring. there's only 1/2 and overtaking opportunity.

    It would be good to get it into the streets of Sydney. Down around the rocks, into the city, around the Opera house even over the bridge. under it on the norther side and back again.

    It would be a very spectacular track and if done right could provide good racing.

    and I agree Homebush would suck. The taxi track made me sick when I tried to watch 5 minutes of it on TV. Didn't Crompton design it? Wanker.
  14. Nope Skaife did, i don't believe Crompton had anything to do with it
  15. Ahh it was the Tosser, not the Wanker.
  16. they would probably do homebush but to F1 specs, not the v8 track they use, so would be a lot of planning, agree to city track, but will never happen
  17. If we do get it we should have it on the where the M4 meets the M7 !! okay no where to sit and watch is an opportunity to sell pay per view :D
  18. Sydney has not a chance...... look how badly they did hosting the m/b grand prix and they built Eastern Creek, for it, from scratch!
    All could not wait to escape from Sydney and back to the Island.
    Reckon if it goes anywhere, it will be a purpose built F1 track at Avalon.
  19. Nah, it won't happen. And there won't be any more purpose-built tracks anywhere in the forseeable.