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Sydney thunderstorms

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. I've had enough, that is all

  2. What are you talking about? just another PERFECT Sydney weather lol...............
  3. driving me nuts, but tonights storm was a cracker
  4. I love thunderstorms, send them this way
  5. I love storms too. The one tonight was the best I've been in for quite a while. It seemed to hang around home (Killara) for ages and put on a great sound and light show.

    When I retire I will build an observation dome just so I can get an uninterrupted view of storms.
  6. Or you could just stand out in the middle of a football field.
    With a metal pole in your hand.
  7. Just drove along Gardners Road in Alexandria and had rooster tails of water higher than my car from the left front tire....in the MIDDLE lane. Never seen anything quite like it. People were out in front of their houses loading pre-prepared Arks.

    Friggin Melbourne weather this is!

    Cheers Spocky
  8. BS Sproky, we get all the lead up to a great storm, then just a few drops of rain, a bit if thunder and a few flashes if lightning. meh!
    I remember the storms up on Brampton Island when I worked there. They were scary cluckers!shook you to the core!
  9. so why wern't you riding.... :p
  10. Maybe God's so grief stricken with the death of his favorite angel - Whitney Housten!!!
  11. Hey sprocky....
    If you really do the research, you'll find weather is Melbourne's best kept secret brilliantly disguised by people's belief of Melbourne weather..
    All of last year, there was only a few days where I didn't ride due to weather.
    And it wasn't due to the rain but rather what I expected winds to leave on the roads of my planned route...

    But please keep telling everyone about our freakin weather, I'd hate to have too many find out about it.... :p
  12. Pics or it didnt happen!! lol

    Move to sunny Melb :)
  13. God's favourite angle is a crack smoking skank?
  14. Ha, yeah I s'pose so!!
  15. What's six inches long and didn't get sucked on Valentine's Day?
    Whitney's Crackpipe.
  16. Massive storm hit Wollongong last night... i mean massive
  17. What kind of mood do you reckon you'd be in, if she just moved into your house?
  18. It was pretty intense. I was out at Kensington when it struck. I saw a poor bloke on General Homes Drive on two wheels taking refuge underneath the underpass. I don't blame him as the rain was that heavy.
  19. I do a bit of work in Malaysia and other Monsoon countries and have had bad storms in Sydney. This was an exceptional one. I have never seen the road flood so quickly and to nearly the entire width. Cars have been stranded and started to fill with water.

    That's not normal even for a bad Sydney storm.

    Cheers Spocky
  20. No the weather in Melbourne is fine for riding...gets wet, dry, heatstroke, frostbite and that's just before you leave your driveway...

    Cheers Spocky