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[Sydney] Teknik vs Shock Treatment

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by The Snow Dog, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. I was looking at having some suspension work done on the Hornet and was wondering if anyone had any first hand experience with either Terry Hay's Shock Treatment or Teknik Racing and could make a recommendation?

  2. Both Terry Hay and Nick at Tecknic do great work, but don't overlook Sean at S.O.S. Suspension in Penrith. He is an absolute boffin when it comes to suspension and his work is nothing short of brilliant.

    Tex & Bundy
  3. Thanks. I hadn't heard of S.O.S...
  4. Save Our Suspension???? :LOL:

    Actually, I need to get the rear shock on my Hornet done too; I'd be interested in your experience, vinnie....
  5. My experience as far as Suspension goes is quite a fair bit, especially in set up and feedback, however, it is nowhere near the experience these guys have. Sean @ SOS suspension is exceptionally cluey in all aspects of suspension work, he machines up bits and pieces that are no longer available or aren't supplied, he cuts open, modifies and rebuilds a lot of OEM components that otherwise would be thrown away. He also builds custom and one off shocks for those that need them. I am sure Sean could rebuild ur existing Hornet shock and it would perform heaps better than original. I am about to send him the original rear shock out of my R1150GSA for a makeover and get a custom built Wilburs for the front. Sean also recently carried out work on an '06 front end for my 'Busa, slightly heavier front springs and change the shim pack and spacers, now keep in mind, we had to take into account; my weight with riding gear on and the 20kilos that Bundy weighs, hanging right over the front. I haven't had the chance to do a trip yet since I put the 'Busa back together, but on a few short rides, the front end feedback has been excellent and experience tells me it will be magic. Even Bundy loves it!!.
    Anyway talk to the man; (0247325533) Tell him what ur suspension woes are and Sean will come up with the solutions.

    tex & Bundy.