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Sydney Sussex street parking gone (Westpac side)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Vulcan650, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. Hi there,

    So yesterday afternoon I had a notice on my bike that the motorcycle parking at the Westpac's side on Sussex street is no longer available. Rightly so this morning, the whole area was cordoned off. I cannot find any relevant information on the internet. It would be great if any skillful googler (if there is such a word) could shed more light into this closure. Is it permanent? If so, did the council introduce some additional parking (wishful thinking).

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    Hey can't help with the reason why sorry...Sydney and surrounds are absolutely frickin appalling for bikes...we get a real raw deal that's for sure!
    Up in Brissie for a conference and to my eyes, there is parking for bikes all over the place...underneath the bridges where normally there would be no useful use of this space...hey presto bike parking...I was impressed! Well marked accessible parking along north quay street noice... you lucky bastids
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  3. There was a story about this on the news, the gist of it is the City Buses are now being diverted through Sussex street due to George street Light Rail (return of trams to Sydney) construction. The bike parking has been sacrificed to make way for buses and bus stops.
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  4. Yep, the parking has been converted as a bus stop. They have however extended the motorcycle parking on the opposite side of the street (outside KPMG building). Although that will not be anywhere near enough for the volume of bikes that used the Westpac side of Sussex Street.
    Since I moved offices to Barangaroo in October 2015 both Hickson Street and Sussex Street have seen MB parking decimated, which is the stated end goal of the Barangaroo Development Corp.
    The rangers seem to be letting bikes park in the car spots opposite Tower 3 all day without tickets being issued, for now.
  5. Sydney CBD is useless for bikes if you arrive after 8am. Good luck to anyone still commuting in. Hope the council realises the benefits of footpath parking, there are heaps of unused pedestrian streets around Sydney which would be great for bike parking.
  6. I used to park my motorcycle on Curtin Pl in the CBD & unless you were there by 7am you were probably out of luck. It seems Sydney City Council has it in for motorcyclists spots are seemingly harder to get & have reduced in numbers.
  7. Rangers must have read my post as they collected over $1k in parking fines yesterday.
  8. Oh no, I am sorry about it. To anyone, please do not reveal publicly your parking spots in 'grey' areas.