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sydney stuntskillz --- arghh so nervous

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by f4ibike, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. going up to oran park for stuntskillz sunday4th may-driving up early sat morning and all i can say is IM NERVOUS-- i will be the only total noob learner stunta there and hope i dont make a fool of myself--- :p these stunt riders (some of the best in australia) are crackin out the sickest of moves, and im only learning to get balance point.!!!:roll:

    just thought i would share -- it helps me feel better :oops:
  2. Rock on Mars, take a camera and tell us everything when you get back!
  3. Yeah man! Send us some pictures from the hospital :grin:

    Just kidding. Good luck!
  4. Don't take your good helmet.

    Hope you've organised a Corona singlet and some tattoos.

    Oh, and your "I just got back from stunt-day!" thread better have pics, or I will hound you with assertions of homosexuality until they are forthcoming.

    Get vids and we'll treat you like The Fonz.
  5. Mars is a chick, and a bloody good looking one at that. Any allegations of homosexuality will be more of a punishment to the rest of us than her.
  6. Good luck kido! I wish I had the time and $$ to come. Dw You'll be rockin 0's in no time...


    :p :grin: :cool:
  7. I don't know how stunters do it... so all the best to ya! As for looking like a fool - people expect it of noobs, so just go for it and enjoy :grin:
  8. good luck mars. noob or not i bet you have a freakin blast.. knowing you you will have all the guys crowding round drooling offering helpful hints. good luck, and i hope you enjoy yourself!

    as already stated. picsorban :D
  9. Good luck!!! Do you have a stunt bike, or are you riding your road one?
  10. i have a honda 600f4i- its all done up i post pics soon!!
  11. hey what time does it start and can you buy tickets at the gate?oran park right?
  12. Keep the eyes and ears open, learn lots You call your self a noob so you know you have stuff to learn. What is there to be nervous about? It’s not like you have talked yourself up and have to live up to something. Get out there and enjoy (And bring back pics)
  13. Good luck with it all buddy...

    The only advise I can give ya is the same i received only last week! LoL

    "Take it slow... dont try impress any1. Go at your own pace. MASTER each step before moving on to the next!"

    look forward to hearing how it went :cool:
  14. Stunt Skills is on again 4TH MAY 2008 @ Oran Park Entry from 8:30am.

    RIDERS THAT PAY before the day by deposit is $120
    The reason for the price change is coz it works better that way for you if you pay early. so discount for those that pay early and $20 more for those who dont

    - 2 Cold Drinks supplied on the day

    - Breakfast or Lunch provided

    - Riding starts at 9:30am and finishes at 4:30pm

    The Following Gear is Required: (there are no exceptions area's for ""pro's"")

    1. DOT or AS1698 Approved Motorcycle Helmet.

    2. Motorcycle Jacket

    3. Motorcycle Gloves

    4. Motorcycle Riding Pants OR Jeans with Knee Guards.

    5. Motorcycle Riding Boots OR Boots that are sturdy, cover the ankle, and can not be pulled off when done up. (NO WORK BOOTS)

    You bike will need to have the following working

    1. Throttle Return operating and throttle doesn’t stick.

    2. Front brake is operational

    3. Rear brake is operational

    4. Kill Switch/Ignition turns off bike.

    pm me if you want the organisers number. :cool:
  15. hey i just wanted to come watch lol....
  16. :LOL: :LOL:

    its free to watch ya dag!!! :LOL:
  17. HI Guys,
    it is free to spectate guys so come up and check it out.......

    We are also performnig at 'Kickstart' in Canberra on Sat 3/5 (the day before stuntskills) so if you're in Canberra come and check it out - details on cunningstunts.com
  18. Everyone suffers when there's a criminal lack of pics in a thread.
  19. here is a pic of my bike- ready to go!!

  20. i lol'ed at the
    "If you can read this, I suck!!"

    but anyways gl for it!