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Sydney storms - Motorcycle shop under 3ft of water

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Respi, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. Watch the news last night?

    If so, was your bike in the shop that got flooded from the down pour in the Sydney storm last night?

    If you watched the news you would have seen the story about the motorcycle repair shop which was under water. I was able to quickly work out that the shop in question was DoubleRR Motorcycles on Parramatta road just down from RD’s.

    Some of the bikes in the background footage were up to the mirrors in water so I feel for you if your bike was one of them.

    Here is a pic I took at the end of my street after the 30 minutes of rain which fell stopped!


  2. I love it when councils don't to the maintenence and cleaning of stormwater drailns like they are supposed to do (and get paid to do).

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. I rode from Harris Street, Ultimo to Strathfield via Parramatta Road and there were three major sections of flooding where cars were forced to use only 1 of 3 lanes. The height of my Hyo allowed me to carve straight through the massive puddles and I felt uber sorry for those poor cagers stuck. The rain was intense, and even caused 2 girls to (from what I'm guessing) lowside at Camperdown McDonalds.

    Q: Out of curiousity, how far into water can a bike be submerged before there's a chance of it gulping in water? From what I gather, the battery, exhaust and air filter are the main concerns.
  4. I was supposed to take my bike there this morning, I caged it over to see if they were open- they are but have a massive clean up.
    Poor guys, the owner had 2 of his cars and all his belongings in the cars that were in the water. The SES left there at 1:30 this morning. I saw the water mark on a dirt bike just below the seat. :eek: The bikes that were in the water were unclaimed bikes or the owners bikes.
  5. Watch out! There are breather hoses on almost all road
    bikes that often lead down below the engine cases to get rid of
    vapours out of the crank case, or allow fresh clean air to the
    carb diaphragm. Under certain situations (such as the
    rapid cooling of an engine due to water immersion) they can suck
    water into the engine instead of allowing vapours to go out.
    That's bad.

    All those dirt bikes you see in the videos have these hoses routed
    to other places (e.g. connected to the air filter box), either by the factory
    or after preparation by the rider.
  6. What street is that that the photo was taken?

    I was around the inner west yesterday when the weather turned to balls and my wife let me take the car cause I had to go to Pennant Hills which would have been a horrid ride on the bike. Went through some water near Harris St that couldn't be seen until you hit it. Was causing some major issues.
  7. Harris Street ultimo? Cnr of Broadway & Harris?

    Right outside the pub there (that has the thai lunch menu) that massive water puddle is nearly invisible. Seen many motorcyclists blast right through it. Buses can get the water so far up the curb it touches the windows of the pub.
  8. bottom of Northumberland ave near the round about mate!
  9. TO answer, breathers should vent back to the airbox, to recirculate. if the bike is running, submerging the exhaust in water is no problem The main concern is the ignition system becoming submerged, and the air filter intake (if the airbox-to-engine (via carb) rubbers are still good.

    Don't forget to lube your chain after! :p