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Sydney Siege, Lindt Cafe in Martin Place

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Not4Resale, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. Obviously an idiot who thinks the Max Brenner shop is spelled LINDT.....
  2. The flag in the window in Martin Place is not an ISIS flag. The black flag in the pictures with white writing reads ‘There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of God’ is the Shahadah flag or testimony of faith symbol. It might look similar to the casual observer but see the two flags side by side and they are quite different.

    Think about how similar the Australian and NZ flags might be to someone on the other side of the world.
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  3. Yes, earlier reports were reporting it as the ISIS flag.

    Not all of us can read arabic. Needless to say, lets hope that these men are reunited with their god before they get a chance to act on his behalf.
  4. Doesn't make much difference what flag they fly, they will most likely just nutters looking for their moment in front of the media at any cost. These type of bastards rarely follow the true teachings of any faith just use it as an excuse to justify violence, in their own demented mind at least.
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  5. This seems very die hard with a vengeance. Tunneling into the reseeve bank vault next door.
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  6. It is just a day of utter lawlessness today...
  7. Same dog, different leg action.
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  8. The religion of teddy bears and butterflies at it again.
  9. Another group who believe in imaginary friends...welcome to the start of tit for tat stupidity!
    I knew I should've bloody ridden today.. I soooooo am glad not rostered on at Vinis or RPA ED today!
  10. Yeah, text-to-text, the religion of teddy bears and moths is way more peaceful. Same goes for the religion of teddy bears, of course.
  11. Wasn't referring to what they believe, just listing peaceful things.
  12. Dun mean I can't metaphorisate it.
  13. I believed in my teddy until the cockroaches ate his straw stuffing....still have him but like a lot of beliefs not too much substance left to him ..
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  14. How about dropping the word "Islamic" from the thread title, since we don't know that for a fact yet?

    Pre-empting a fairly likely reponse about the "flag": No, we still don't know at this moment anything at all about who it is or why they've done this.

    The thread title at this point is misinformation.

    It's also ambiguous, unless the hostages are Islamic...
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  15. Agree -fuel and flames are all I'm seeing... quiet media time post dead cricketer so will be fanned to the max...rednecks' early christmas present...
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  16. But then it wouldn't be bigoted
  17. It is Islamic since they are flying the Islamic flag, either way Islam is involved either directly or indirectly
  18. I agree Reesa but do you know why your tag could be considered offensive?
    Goonbag is in relatively common usage now but was offensive not too far back, used to label certain communities...
    PC is often only stands for precious crap.