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Sydney - Shops that stock icon gear? Also boot size.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by mewnz, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. Hey :grin:

    Had a look around a few of the shops in Parramatta today, neither had icon gear and after asking at the second was told they didn't stock it. Just wondering if anyone knows a store in Sydney that does? I'm out near Penrith but don't mind traveling.

    I also tried on the Sidi Vertigo boot... just trying to get my size for when I order. The 11.5 gave me a pretty snug fit around the actual foot, with a bit of give for toe wiggle, but walking around the area around my shin / calf was pretty loose, fair bit of space there when I took a few steps. Is this me being a pussy with the tightening mechanism thing, is it normal?

  2. with the boot it has to be able to fit over your leathers so it should be
    loose around your calf without leathers tucked in them.
    dont know about icon..
  3. Do you mean it's meant to have the pants tucked in? I was planning on wearing the boots under, not with the pants tucked.
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  5. yes its loose to accomodate leathers being tucked in the boots.
  6. Should have specified, MCAS was the first shop... didn't have the specific jacket though. My bad :p

    Would getting the size from another icon jacket work? The one I'm after (the daytona) doesn't have the precurved sleeves so as long as I size from one that's also without, should all work out?

    Sorry for all the questions haha.
  7. Did you ask them if they can get it in for you (assuming you're not in a screaming hurry)?? They're usually pretty good with stuff like that..
  8. I'll be ordering from the US, so I don't want them going to any trouble on my part. Think sizing up from another jacket might be the go, although I'll check out some other shops if I happen to be around.
  9. As far as I know, Icon don't import all of their range into Australia. The choice is actually very limited, so chances are the jacket you like isn't available in Australia. My local shop said they could get me what I wanted but they would get it from a different US wholesaler, not from Icon as they wouldn't supply it.

    Hope this helps.