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Sydney secretaries sacked over email war

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. "TWO secretaries at one of Sydney's top law firms have been sacked after a catty email exchange that was circulated around the city's legal and financial district.

    Allens Arthur Robinson has been rocked by the cyber brawl, which began over a missing ham sandwich and ended with one woman taunting the other for being unable to hold on to a boyfriend.


    I work for one of the companies mentioned, and never got the emails :( Obviously I'm not friendly enough with any of the secretaries :roll: :D :LOL:

    Anyone get a copy of the actual emails? :LOL: :LOL:
  2. Yep, hang on it's on my work account. frigging long though.
  3. This has gotten EVERYWHERE!

    I've had friends in Germany send it to me...translated into German! :shock:

    Was posted on Slashdot yesterday as well.
  4. Hahaha. Thanks, very funny :)
    Recognised a few names in the many recipients list too :)
  5. Good to see all those disclaimers did thier job.
  6. Funny yeah, but didn't have money to buy another luch??? And after that she earns plenty of money???? How low can one get??? Must be a lawyer or work for a firm! Oh, she does!! No wander!!
  7. Knowing some of the PAs where I work this doesn't suprise me in the least. Secretarys can be uber bitches over the dumbest things.

    gotta love it:

    "You're blonde"
    "You're fat"
    "I'm rich"
    "I'm richer and have a man"
    "yeah your cousin and you're a slut"

  8. This bitchy exchange and its fallout is obviously the END of a nasty relationship, not part of the process; a lot more has gone on before the oringinal post about a lost lunch and having no money to buy another, boo hoo
    Riveting reading, though, and front page news here in Sydney from very early yesterday morning.
    So, fellow Netriders, who's going to ADMIT to have participated in just such an exchange with a colleague, boss, junior, etc??? Hmm??????? :oops:
  9. Well most of these exchanges I've witnessed between netriders but never at work.

    btw I'm rich beautiful and have everything I would want and more unlike you reprobates :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. NOT ME...and if you are accusing me, ARE YOU,..well I'll bombard you with inarticulate invective until I exhaust my limited vocabulary.....so there!......Oh bugger, burst a blood vessel...SEE WHAT YOU DID.....ARRGGGHHHHH
  11. So smee, it must have been YOU who took my lunch the other day!!!??
    inci, keep taking those blood pressure pills, you know the drug companies need you........
  12. I initiated one of them at my work place a few years ago, a large Adelaide based ISP....

    Yeah i hassled an employee through an all_staff email address, but didnt put the actual persons name is was having a go at on it, just hassled saying your causing issues you and i know who you are, come and ask me ill tell you how to do your job if you dont know coz it saves us all time etc.

    Well the girl i aimed it at got upset and cried to the boss that shes quitting over it so the boss in order to make her happy (even tho she was useless) emails back having a go and threatening me but replies to all.... Yay

    Well that left me in a good spot coz when she threatened my position i just informed her that i could do a lot more to them with that email she sent out coz it should have only been sent back to me not everone... Needless to say they dropped the whole issue with me very quick...
  13. Just recently heard of a friend of a friend, who decided that she thought that the current subject (2nd year of a 3 year uni degree)was a load of crap and the lecturer/co-ordinator was right b1tch and proceeded to email it to one of the other students.
    Only problem being that she actually sent it to the lecturer, and is now facing discipline and possible removal from the course.
  14. What a piss-poor exchange...both must be blondes !! :LOL: :LOL:

    They should both be force-fed a weeks worth of NetRider (or even Ausmoto or Aus.cars) to learn how to abuse the crap out of eachother PROPERLY !
    Smee will teach em, :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Bloody amateurs...
  15. There are photos of the offenders attached to the email I received. Can't verify the accuracy though.

    If someone wants me to put 'em up, PM me and I'll forward them to you.
    My skill level in posting pics fails me at the moment (must learn how to do that).
  16. The pictures are all over the pages of the Sydney Telegraph again....
    They ain't nothing special, trust me, must be dumb to lose their jobs over a ham sandwich.
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  18. I guess the IT manager became the ham in the sandwich, eh???

    Stooppid women, never catch ME slinging insults in cyberspace!!!
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