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Sydney - Saturday night

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Skuffy, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. Hey All, 11th march, Saturday Night

    I will be riding upto Sydney as per the scheduled ride and was wondering if people were doing anyhing on the saturday night? I will probably stay at a backpackers or crash on someones couch if the offer were made.

    Let me know

  2. You can stay at my place if you want, Mitch

    (and I might even have my bike back by then!!!)
  3. 8,000 posts.... Hey man, what are you doing during the day.

    Looks like that may be a plan.... What is wrong with your bike?????
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  5. Bummer, that sucks.....

    Not serious atleast. You mentioned roadworthy.... I am pretty sure about 60% (atleast) of the bikes on the road today are not roadworthy either... :eek:
  6. I'd be up for a ride/night on the town if you're up here...
    What are your plans?
  7. Definately be up there. Leaving Geelong at 6:00am... So, the long way there will get me there by 6 to 7:00pm that evening.

    A place to crash would be nice. :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  8. I'd have to check with the G/F, but if you want to come all the way to Hornsby (about 35km north of the city), I'm sure I can find room in my garage for your steed. Oh, and I could prolly find a couch or something for you as well...
  9. Sounds great. That would be awesome.

    Keep me informed.
  10. So, whats the latest. Any Sydney siders want to come for a blast around town Saturday night and maybe a ride on Sunday?

    Wow, it is pretty sad when you make an effort to go such a long way and very few people are interested in getting together.
  11. Don't know about Saturday night now, but a blat on Sunday sounds fantastic. I might even be able to pull some of non-Netrider riding mates along.

    Whereabouts in Sydney are you going to be??
  12. Well, not sure yet..... Still trying to decide where I am going to stay and what I am going to do. nobody wants to play saturday night.....

    If all goes quiet, I might just find a backpackers somewhere and crash there...... maybe down Bondi..... Alternatively, at Hornets and spend the night in the Gong.

    I will be riding south as I need to be in Jindabyne on Sunday night......

    Give me a call 0418965034
  13. Ill be up for a ride on sat and sun but the only problem is i have to work on sun morn so make it nice and early start if its sat,on sunday i can anytime.
  14. OK then,

    I will be arriing in Bondi ( http://www.bondibackpackers.com.au/ ) by about 6:00pm and drop my gear off, have a quick shower and get into my urban riding gear :LOL:

    I figure go for a ride, anywhere people want to go. Then, spend the end of the night drinking at Bondi. The place I am staying has cheap rooms, $22 to $25/bed/night.... So, if anyone wants to crash they can do that or crash in my room... just bring a sleeping bag.
  15. Damn, I have been looking further into the ride and this is my proposed route:

    Geelong to Yea - Hume hwy slab run - leaving 6:00am
    Mansfield to Bright via Whitfield
    Bright over the Mt Beauty by the Pass - yeah baby
    Through the Snowies, north side this time
    Hit the coast at Batemans Bay
    Run through Nowra to the Gong and then to Bondi

    Should be around 1,200km all up i think.