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Sydney Roads Tues 5 June

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by gongrider, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. Wow, just drove home from work and was pretty happy not to be riding or cycling today.

    Lots of standing water, plenty of rain, wind getting crazy and debris everywhere.

    Good luck to anyone riding this afternoon, would definitely consider holding off for an hour or two if possible!

  2. the radar shows the worst of it centred smack bang over Sydney at the moment, it's still belting down in Wollongong but it looks like the worst of it has already gone north....
  3. I'm sitting in my office, I can feel the building sway and rain is hitting the window over the balcony horizontally...dont feel like such a wuss anymore for choosing to drive today!
  4. Ahh the joys, didn't check the forcast this morning. top half will be dry....bottom half drenched.
  5. yup, I cut my losses and took the bus home. Haven't seen a southerly change like this in a while.
  6. Left work (Ashfield) at 4.15 and got to Pennant Hills by 5.30 pm.

    Wet at the neck joint - gloves wringing wet but had an awesome ride and got home mostly dry.....

    I will admit to poor visibility but the bike handled beautifully and no troubles with other drivers.

    Boots, wet weather gear, gloves, helmet sitting by the gas fire.

    Nice to be home safe
  7. Left work at 5.30. Worst part about the ride was that I had my tinted visor on. Had to choose between not being able to see because of the tinted visor or not being able to see due to rain in the eyes and the bloody stinging in the face.
  8. Day off -- annual leave! Even got the bin down before the rain started.
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    There were evil cross winds on the home.

  10. All good until the micro climate that is the wakehurst parkway, heavens opened and the odd fallen tree and branches to be avoided. Pleased that all my gear worked perfectly I arrived home dry.