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Sydney Road Rage

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ducatitrooper, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. So there I was a few days ago just communiting to work down one of those stupidly congested arterial roads heading into Sydney, gently filtering through stationary traffic up to a set of red lights. Nothing eventful happened until I pulled in front of the first car. The driver of the second car behind me got heavy on her horn, started flashing her headlights and leaned her head out of the window yelling stuff I couldn't hear - music of a Ducati with termi pipes just too loud!. Whatever....ignored her....lights green, so off I went. Kept my eye on her though, she seemed a bit of an unpredictable cager.

    Good job I did. She forced her way into the second lane (I was in the first lane) and as I was approaching the next set of red lights she actually swerved into my lane, aiming her car directly at me. I saw this in time and pulled ahead of her, but she came to a stop at 90 degrees to the kerb, blocking 2 lanes of traffic. I'm there thinking "what the f**k!!!" and this fat cager gets out and starts yelling at me "what gives you the right to jump the queue"; "you should wait your turn like everybody else"; "rant, rant, rant, blah, blah, blah". I'm still a bit, like, what the f**k just happened, so I say to her; I'm allowed to - it's called filtering, and what the f**k was she doing trying to kill me! There would have been quite a few additional phrases in there, just to add a bit of colour! Use your immagination. She is also carrying one of those small collapsable umbrellas in her hand, didn't really pay much attention to it first off, but then things get quite surreal, 'cos she starts hitting me on the back with this umbrella!! Like that's gonna do much - leather jacket with kevlar armour, besides, her ams were mostly flab with very little muscle, so hardly any impact felt at all. Lights went green, so off I went, leaving the stupid bint standing in the middle of the road, with her cage blocking two lanes of traffic.

    Funny thing is, she was wearing her work uniform, clearly identifying the organisation she worked for AND her ID badge dangling in front of her obese tits. So, Hilary, I think it's safe to say you are a complete nutter. You need help.

    Shame I don't ride with a GoPro - the footage would have given endless entertainment.
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  2. You got in-between her, and cake. I'm sure you won't make that mistake again.
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  3. I get tailgated a lot by mainly young women in small cars,someone should explain the effect of hitting a bike at speed.Looks like they think bikes will just bounce off
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  4. So she assulted you at least?

    Can't remember if road rage is a specific offence in NSW. Think it is.

    I wouldn't hold back on the company name, at a minimum.
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  5. Did you check your jacket to see if she was just placing a post-it with her details for next weekend?
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  6. Oh dear
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  7. call the cops (i would), if she has the balls to do that to you she will end up killing someone. even if she gets away with it in the end atleast she will get a bit of a prison sentence scare
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  8. What Psycho biatch, if you have her details report her fat arse to the cops
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  9. fcuk would have been good if you got it on go pro you could get her into some serious trouble at work for conducting herself like that clearly in work uniform.

    You could still give it a shot anyway without footage and a few witnesses wouldn't do any harm.
  10. She did assault you no matter that there was no damage. She is in ignorance of the current law and should be educated. If you got her numberplate speak to the Police, they will ring her at least.

    To those in NSW you have protection under the Crimes Act.

    CRIMES ACT 1900 - SECT 61

    Common assault prosecuted by indictment

    61 Common assault prosecuted by indictment
    Whosoever assaults any person, although not occasioning actual bodily harm, shall be liable to imprisonment for two years.
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  11. Report her to the police, then send an email to her work, just to let me know what stellar staff they have working for them :)

    Make the letter as sarcastic as possible applaud her choice of weapon and also that her anger management classes seem to be paying off..
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  12. She is clearly unhinged. I doubt the cops will do much. Maybe to print out the new filtering law and send it to her work with her name, with a note telling her you have family and the consequences of her hitting you. She will still think it's BS that we can filter, but hopeflly it will prevent her doing this and not missing next time.
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  13. ducatitrooperducatitrooper I'm sorry, but I couldn't stop laughing when I read "but then things get quite surreal, 'cos she starts hitting me on the back with this umbrella!! " Sorry:oops:
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  14. #14 ibast, Feb 3, 2015
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2015
    The image I have in my head has Benny Hill theme music and the woman is wearing a nurses uniform.
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  15. Wow, that's pretty crazy. Glad she ultimately went at you with the umbrella and not the 1.5 tonne weapon she had. Could have been much worse.

    The police won't do much though, they don't or can't do much even if you do have front and rear camera footage of road rage (have a couple of Event no's issued when on the pushie that went no where criminally - although I am pursuing other avenues). Even with witness statements and a solid case the judiciary goes all soft when it comes to court - no wonder cops don't bother - reference Taymaishu's case.

    Sydney is an aggro place in general, cage involved or not (although people here tend to get real tough in a 1.5 tonne exoskeloton, much more than anywhere else I have been - probably why we need child-like alchohol restrictions). I guess always trying to have an exit is key - regardless of who the wacked out perp is. Not always possible though.

    Just crazy stuff out there.
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  16. Crazy story, glad you're alright mate!
    Just goes to show you just never know what some people will do. Lucky in a way that she was just a fat hag with an umbrella and not a roided up bloke with a knife or some sht!

    Where did Hilary work? I'd love to make a phone call.
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  17. This is why I have a helmet cam -_-
    If the cops do nothing I'd post it up on youtube & send the link to the companie's facebook page :hilarious:
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  18. That's funny :)
    Maybe she was cranky 'cos she hasn't had a good root for ages!

    Any of you lads got a fat fetish?
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  19. Love it!

    Benny Hill sound track to these antics would have been legendary.

    Gonna buy myself a gopro after this.....just to catch all those idiot cagers out there and put it all to music.

    Aint gonna call the rozers though. No point....they'd nothing.

    Fair point about getting her off the road, though. She'll kill somebody if she carries on like that.
  20. You should have got off your bike and taken the keys from her car and dropped them at the nearest police station and explained what happened, and why you took them.
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