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sydney riders "powder coating"

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by ben1, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. hi all,

    im looking into powder coating my rearsets and my passenger pegs, and was just wondering if anyone that may of done similar may know of a good place to get it done in sydney? im out west if that helps.
    and what sort of price i will be looking at?

    thanks all

  2. I too would like to know..
  3. I can get them done cheap as my friend owns a place. It will be cheap cause he will throw it in with someone elses black as he does that colour altot. He's in the botany area though
  4. thanks sinner,

    would you be able to get a price? and how long it would take roughly?
  5. Are they aluminium? If so anodising would be a better solution.

    also look into e-coating
  6. Doesn't make a difference if they are aluminium. Anodizing in more expencive and even though not applicable here, the anodizing process reducess the strength of the material.

    Sorry mate can't get a price. Like I said it will be an under the table deal and he usually get the parts back to me.
  7. sinner,

    i got a mate with a honda 550k whose interested too!

    any leads to if this can be sorted out?
  8. It does if you want to anodise.

    I've powder coated stuff and really it's only a bit better than a god paint job.

    For a high wear item, like a foot peg, anodising would be a better finish.