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Sydney Riders/Commuters Monday 28th July MCC Request

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Toecutter, Jul 27, 2008.


    Please distribute to riders who work in the City of Sydney.

    We need to make it apparent that motorcycle and scooter riders WANT the strategy at the Council Meeting on Monday night
    The best way is to BE THERE in recognisable numbers.

    Can you attend this?

    We need city workers who ride to be there and stand around looking familiar and at one with the office environment, but giving that strong hint that they are riders by their manner of dress - carrying a helmet, wearing a riding jacket, but please, no wet rainsuits, vests, badges and insignia - this needs to be excruciatingly middle-class. It's about dressing the same as the councillors and their staff, but with something to indicate you are a rider.

    I would suggest all we need to do is say words of praise at the appropriate times, or a little ruffle of quiet applause at the apropriate time, etc

    The last thing we want to do is frighten them in any way by appearing to be "outsiders" to the city corporate view.

    "I commend this Council on this initiative, Sydney City now leads Australia by including motorcycles and scooters in Transport Policy and Transport Planning.
    This foresight is a sound plan for the future, for sustainable low emissions transport."

    or some simple concise message to make the Council FEEL good about it and flatten any naysayers with positives that can't be whinged down.


    Guy Stanford
    Motorcycle Council of NSW
    0417 661 827

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Victor Franco [mailto:vfranco@cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au]
    Sent: Thursday, 24 July 2008 5:09 PM
    To: sstanfor@bigpond.net.au
    Subject: draft Motorcycle and Scooter Strategy


    The report on the draft Motorcycle and Scooter Strategy will be considered by the City of Sydney's Planning, Development and Transport Committee this Monday 28 July, at 4.30pm. The meeting will be in the Council Chamber, level 3 , Town Hall House, 456 Kent Street (corner Druitt Street), Sydney.

    The report recommends issuing the draft Strategy for public comment. A web link to the report and draft Strategy is below.


    Members of the public are welcome to speak. If anyone wishes to speak, it would help if they register in advance by calling Council’s Secretariat on ph: 9265 9310


    Victor Franco
    Director - City Transport and Major Projects
    City of Sydney
    GPO Box 1591
    SYDNEY NSW 2001
    T: 02 9265 9857 M: 0419 487 149
  2. I'd love to attend but I'm kinda in the wrong town for that.

    Something I would like to know -
    In most places, it's not legal for more than one motorcycle to share a parking space. With this new plan (which will make motorcycles-using-car-spaces even more alluring) will they look at reviewing that situation?

    I understand the reasoning - so that the space isn't perpetually filled by bikes coming and going, and to simplify tickets/fines - but it seems odd that we're not allowed to fill 4-5 bikes to a space.
  3. damn

    didnt see this in time.

    i work 200 m away.
  4. I wish had seen this earlier, I would have attended. I hope it went well.