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Sydney rider returning to riding

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by PeterPorker80, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    Just joined to forum to commemorate my new bike purchase: Kwaka Z800, which will hopefully be ready for pickup at the end of the week.

    It will be a much more powerful bike than I'm accustomed to but I'm a fairly mature (maybe just in age?) rider who'll be taking it slowly til I get up to speed (literally). I'm also looking at doing a Stay Upright course in March.

    Any other Z800 riders?
  2. Welcome
    I've seen a couple z800's riding round Sydney,
    Also saw one try to race a s15 silvia.
  3. Ha! I won't be doing that anytime soon! ...Maybe when I get the hang of the bike :)
  4. Welcome, Porker, whereabouts in Syd are you, I'm generally up for a ride if you fancy the old road or putty loop.
  5. In the south west at the moment but planning to move back to the inner city (or inner west) soon.

    Just googled Scotland Island... nice spot!
  6. Yeah I couldn't live anywhere else, PM me if you ever fancy a ride north, I can normally pull a group together for a weekend run you're welcome to join.
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