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NSW Sydney Rider just passed test, Help?? parking {nsw}

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by safe skies, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. Hi All

    Just found this great forum.

    I have just passed my test and now have a bike, trouble is im not sure on the parking situation....

    I can get a permit so have been leaving it in the street,

    I live in Darlinghurst on Bourke street.

    Does anybody have any advice on parking and how to avoid fines???

    Thanks in advance.

    great forum


  2. Re: Sydney Rider just pasted test, Help??

    Welcome to the forums.

    Living in the city can be pretty tough with parking but I would suggest looking around for some good "cheeky' spots that have no time limit. There are a few roaming around, you just need to look for them really. Being a bike you can almost always fit in a space.

    If there aren't any around your area, you can park in the time limit zones but only for the alloted time. eg. 2 hour spots, you can only be there 2 hours (for free, no ticket!)

    Be diligent with the time limit, I have been stung by being in a spot for 2.5 hours in a 2 hour spot. Unlucky perhaps, the $89 fine wasn't fun.

    Good luck and hopefully see you at the Homebush learner sessions for some MOST practice and weekend rides.
  3. Re: Sydney Rider just passed test, Help??

    If you obtain a permit you should be able to park without concerns of time limits or if you are close to any of these spots with unrestricted time limit they could be handy:
    Victoria St east side Darlinghurst North of Oxford St 6
    Victoria St west side Darlinghurst William & Liverpool Sts 4
    Victoria Street West Side Darlinghurst Between Challis and Hughes 12
    William St south side Darlinghurst East of Palmer St 8
    Bourke St east side Surry Hills North of Hill St 6
    Fitzroy St south side Surry Hills East of Crown St 2
    Hunt St east side Surry Hills Foster St & Wentworth Ave 12
    Pelican St west side Surry Hills Poplar & Oxford Sts 4
    Rutland St north side Surry Hills East of Buckingham St

    See map here:

    Alternatively a lot of people with units in the area seem to use their grarage for storage rather than for their car, (i've rented one near st margarets) if you are close to or live in a block see if anyone is prepared to rent out the front couple of square meters for $20 a week or so - good piece of mind not just for fines but security.
  4. Re: Sydney Rider just passed test, Help??

    Hi Guys

    Thanks for your messages..

    I will be asking around for a part of a garage, i think that there is another person in my block whi needs a space so maybe we can share this one.

    Great stuff

  5. Re: Sydney Rider just passed test, Help??

    Canyou not just park it on the footpath, Ida wide enough?
  6. Re: Sydney Rider just passed test, Help??

    Nsw not aloud to park on footpath
  7. Re: Sydney Rider just passed test, Help??

    especially if you've got an aftermarket pipe :wink: :LOL:
  8. Re: Sydney Rider just passed test, Help??

    :D lol