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Sydney Ride Went Off

Discussion in 'VIC' started by pete the freak, Mar 14, 2005.

  1. Hey,

    Just thought I'd let everyone know that the little ride we organised up here in Sydney went well and truly off!

    We only got four blokes along, myself, Orcus, Player One and Spud Gun, but it was a great day.

    We rode from St Ives down Mona Vale Rd to beautiful Newport and had a bang up lunch at the Newport Arms Hotel. Scenery was bloody fantastic (Rob, I think you know what I'm talking about :wink: ).

    I'll have photos of the ride tomorrow for everyone.

    Mods, you listening? Do you guys want the photos??

    Now only one question remains... Where to next???

  2. Glad you had a good day. Based on the reports (and we've got anotjher ride today), it looks like Netriders have put in some serious miles this weekend.
  3. Huzzah for Sydney riders. And wasn't the weather just perfect on Saturday!

    Hopefully I'll be confidently mobile in time for the next ride. :)
  4. two weeks untill i do the upright course :) , i have the bike and the gear just need the licence. its F%*&ing killing me . :cry: Cant wait to ride.
  5. It was a great ride alright, perfect weather for it. Its a great road to ride as well, the cops seem to love it too! I would definitely be up for another spin again, maybe we could go a bit further next time?
  6. Good stuff Sydney people.

    The weather was brilliant for riding. (for those that own a bike)

    Good to see it was an enjoyable ride and with no incidents.
  7. No incidents?

    Well apart from Spuddy getting stuck behind an oversize truck and us leaving him behind...

    And the motorcycle cop that scared seven kinds of shit out of us??

    Well, nothing major anyway...
  8. Hey Guys..

    Got my ZX2R Already yesterday! Wooopee!
    Let me know when the next sydney (L) Rider aight.

  9. I meant ..

    Let me know when the next sydney Learners or whatever ride is..aight? hehe I'm game as long as there is no other commitments.
  10. oh and great to hear that you guys had a great time!

    Really sorry - I'm not hogging this..
  11. Nah dude, go right ahead, hog away. No one else seems to be posting today...
  12. Lolz.. YEAH ok -
    Real Bored So when is the next one?
  13. Don't want to make it too often, was thinking once a month?

    So we organise another one for early April?

    Got any suggestion on where to go??

    Spose we should do one on the southside seeing as though the last one was north of the bridge.

    Anywhere you can think of Menace?
  14. Damn - no men
    I suppose a ride to Wollongong or something would be alright or further.
  15. hey guys, yep, saturday was perfect riding weather indeed. Great to get out there and meet some of you.... hopefully more of u guys can make the next one!

  16. Hey guys, sorry i couldnt make it saturday, probably should've let you guys know. My ex decided to go and have an emergency appendectamy (?), so i had my daughter with me this weekend. Sounds like i missed a good ride though. Damn family commitments, damn appendix's. Sorry again guys :(