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Sydney restorer new to netrider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Tony davies, Sep 27, 2015.

  1. Hi ,everyone .I just started with netrider.looks like a great resource .52 years old ,but haven' t been on two wheels for twenty years.I wanted to get my hands dirty on motor bikes again so a couple of years ago i started restoring a 1973 yamaha FS1 as it i thought it was an FS1E .last year i bought a very original (except for the rust )Yamaha rd250 E .I'm hopeing to get info on any exhaust specialists in sydney who can rebuild / repair chrome rd exhausts.I see one in QLD called Motor cycle exhaust professionals .These restoration are taking too long so I'll have to get something roadworthy to blow out the cobwebs.

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  2. Your going to have problems finding someone to do exhaust chroming.They need to be spotlessly clean to avoid contaminating there tanks and the last pair of mufflers I had done many many years ago just about had them tearing there hair out.One would come out of the pickle tank ok,the other would continually keep weeping crap.He said NEVER AGAIN.Try burning the carbon out first and look at doing the cleaning ,research this ,yourself first Good luck with this.
  3. Welcome Tony.
  4. Aey Tonney..

    Welcome to NetRiderrr...
  5. Welcome Tony.
    It may be an idea to keep a look out for a set from the UK as the bikes were pretty common over there. May be worth suffering the P&P for a decent set. Then you can just clean yours up for every day use perhaps?
  6. Thanks ,i found "All Chrome bits "in chipping norton willing to chrome exhausts .maybe they plug the ends first.but i need dents and scratches removed first.i was hoping there might be a company like motorcycle exhaust profesionals in Sydney.They need straightening too ,which would have to do in sittue. I would rather pay local business than the royal mail but that maybe the solution.