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Sydney - Recommend a (usually) vacant area to practise

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mav, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. Hi y'all

    Can anyone recommend a good vacant parking lot / streets / flat ground where newbies can practise alone (or with a buddy) without having to negotiate parked cars and suburban P-Plate night car hoons?

    The only places i can think of are:

    - Paddy's markets at flemington (homebush) but i'm not sure if they have "main" gates that lock the place down after 5pm, and if i can still sneak in? :)

    - Homebush showground road network + that long stretch that is Hill Road into wentworth point (i practised my L's down here when i was getting my car license at 16, the whole place was still under construction so it was pretty quiet, dont know how it is now)

    live in canterbury or doonside week to week so dont want to travel to far from these destinations...

  2. and for the other days of the week when the Homebush Learners session isn't on??

  3. the learner sessions dont need to be on to use that bit of road, bonus is its marked out with tape so u can use it 24/7

    learners sessions u get advice from the gun riders and is free
  4. Find an industrial area and head there on the weekend, only problem is they can be full of L platers stalling their cars.
  5. Another good place is a shopping centre with a car park that is usually empty after hours. The smaller shopping centres are better bets. Ignore those have Coles or Woolies though. (y)

    And what Goz said - There's even street lighting for midnight practice!!!

    Fun Ha!
  6. is Homebush the only learner's session that Western Sydney has? anything going on Blacktown way?

    Easter Creek raceway is just around the corner from my GF's place so maybe i can take some bolt cutters along with me after hours...:)
  7. i just though of a place, the industrial district in Rosehill, behind Rosehill Racecourse...anyone been riding around in there?
  8. Just going off google maps sat image here but in Doonside what about here:

    put this code into google maps -33.752193,150.857857 or -33.769532, 150.854231
  9. I got along to my local leagues club with large car park and not alot of people at night i marked out the course outa the way of any cars so iwas safe

  10. no good, Both gates get locked :)

    If u want something around blacktown, go to Blacktown showground on Richmond Rd
  11. This probably won't help you, but it may others who read this thread. The carpark next to Cronulla Leagues Club (western side) is large and vacant during the week. And there might be some red paint spots which just happen to coincide with the cone positions for the MOST :-w
  12. i say industrial estate at night or weekends, or new housing developments
  13. Blacktown showground is usually locked goz. they've also got the home ground for Blacktown City Demons there is probably why...i also thought of parklea mega market @ Parklea on sunnyholt rd, but they have a massive gates + security as well

    the housing developments arent a bad idea as they are "gated" communities in the blacktown area with their 12foot concrete walls and whatnot

    however i did get a good suggestion from Azncruiser, which is the UWS Narimba campus. massive open carpark and only 5 mins from home! shouldnt be too scare the kids into staying in class with a couple of bikies riding around their carpark lol "...grrr watchout or i'll beat you with my L plate."
  14. Riding around yesterday night I also noticed a new development site at Mormorial Avenue in Kellyville opposite the sportsfields. Ill try to check out more sites tomorrow night around Mean Fiddler, Castle Hill, Richmond and also check out Eastern Creek. Hope weather is good and im not too hang over after tonights heavy drinking :).
  15. When you are in doonside, Try around the ponds. I found some nice wide roads (they are 3 lane until they put the planter boxes in), to practice my u turns, e stops, cone weeves and stuff. Its an actual road, but almost no traffic if you head to the right parts because hardly anyone is moved in there (although that was a couple of years back, might be a bit different, when I head out later I will ride past and see if I can see any good spots.

    Kings langley shopping centre after hours is another place you could go. Not much action there late at night.
  16. Also when you're in Doonside the Wetherill Park industrial area north of the horsley drive at night is quiet and not that far away. I used to find cul de sacs where everything is closed and mark it out with half tennis balls. Never got disturbed. Just stay away from sleigh place. It gets busy at night.
    Make sure you go practise with the learners group though. Its likely u will pass the MOST if you do.
  17. cheers for all the replies guys, heaps of places for me and the missus to check out and maybe catch up with some of you. will definately be heading to the homebush sessions.
  18. Opposite the baseball/AFL stadium in Doonside/Rooty Hill. Goz had the right idea previously but the other side of the road, no neighbours, no gates and no traffic.....just car park. The most youll get might be one parked car with some romance going on lol.
  19. ROFL then i guess me i'm going to ruin their night...:bannanabutt:

    you talking about the carpark next to supercheap auto?