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Sydney really is a first gear city

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by thetrumpetplayer, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. I can't think of a better way to put it. Melbourne feels different. Sydney is a real first gear city, the kind of roads where changing into second gear or ever reaching anything near 70kmh just doesn't happen. The kind of city where you will ride the clutch until its busted. The kind of city where you could be on a major highway at 11pm in a 110kmh zone, and you'll never break 30.

    Nothing beats riding at 25kmh on the M5 and watching the six cops on bikes set up every few k's booking riders (or drivers) who say "**** this" and use the shoulder on the road. =D>

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  2. I live in sydney and agree its a first gear city, mainly cause the ammount of attention police pay to motorcycles in the CBD, i work on garden island and (bike got stolen) used to ride to work everyday been pulled over on average 3 times a week but let of due to my uniform (love my work)

    if you want to go faster and harder you best bet is the outer suburbs of sydney, heathcote onto the royal nasho is a nice ride (only done it once plan to do it more soon)
  3. vic rd from parra to the westlink isn't too bad with all the bus lanes and lane splitting - I often charge off up to 4th on that road.
  4. you guys have to get out of the city more
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  5. 1st gear is the best choice for getting out of a hole.....:p
  6. Sounds like hell to me! I'm on the Central Coast and while traffic can get a little bad sometimes, its has absolutely nothing on the madness of Sydney.

    I'm pretty lucky I guess.., i'm 30 mins from the old road, hunter valley and wisemans ferry.. \\:D/
  7. A good ride is mount ousley freeway towards woolongong its not straight per say but its really fun if you twist the throttle 6th gear pin it the whole way down the 3/4lane freeway :)

    Another good road is the northern road towards penrith quit a nice trip on a sunny day open road you see alot of weekend warriors on there zx10rs R1s and GSXR1000s :)
  8. I spent 2 months working in Wollongong and traveling Mt Ousley every day and it is THE most policed road I have ever struck.And with all the p platers going to the Uni plus the coal trucks,very happy to be else where.
  9. Seen cops never been pulled over. :)
  10. Last time I went on a ride up the old road I rode past 3 cops with radars. Last time I rode through Lane Cove area (today) never got past 40kmh.
  11. Is this a Sydney vs Melbourne thread?
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  12. Lived in Sydney first 30 years of my life and bailed 23 years ago - main reason the traffic.Tweed Heads ,gateway to some of the best riding and the local command is one of the most understaffed in the state. Believe me , quality is far better than quantity.
  13. Nup Both suck ass on bikes. Melbourne's one of the most dangerous cities i've riden in. The gridded roads and 80km/h speeds are deadly.

    Sydney looks nice but the traffic is a mindfhuck.

    Central coast is definitely where it's at if you can find work.
  14. Then you've never done this

    Save it for telling at the pub mate.
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    I always say **** this. Never once been pulled over for riding the shoulder. I reckon if you add it up I would have done at least 1000kms of shoulder riding in Sydney.

    However there are stretches they do target and I'm lucky enough not to have needed to use those in peak hour.

  16. There are dedicated cops on the major freeways on syd now. They get sent from any LAC.You take the M4, M2, F3 etc you'll see a cop and now very likely a bike copper. After getting pinched a few times and having almost daily close calls with them I gave up commuting.
  17. after riding through this area i have to say it is motorcycling mecca and literally a playround of deserted empty amazing roads with stunning scenery if you have the skills to go full chat over some questionable tarmac.

    Not only that this area contains roads with some of the ONLY de-restricted speed limits in Australia.

    As for Sydney being a first gear city, yeah it can be at times, try driving car though mate. At the end of the day for all its flaws Sydney is a great place too live and Australias only true city, whatever you need, if its in Australia, its in Sydney. You just cant beat that.
  18. I suggest you go back to the rule book for this one.

    Say what? :s
  19. Australia (the entire country) hasnt had an unrestricted speed limit road for years if theee is no sign its 110 i think
  20. This is true. I was commuting up the M4 from out west at the start of the year, that curve at Mays Hill, citybound, where riders ride up the shoulder leading up to the Parra exit? I've seen my fair share of riders pulled over as a parked cop was usually waiting around the bend.

    Since i moved to Drummoyne, i see a fair share of cops on the Anzac Bridge during peak hour. Seriously, where are you supposed to stop if they pull you over on the bridge? Just pull up and block traffic?