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[Sydney] Purchasing Bike. Help with inspection.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Cameron Niven, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,
    Im a new rider and I am currently looking into the purchase of a Vt250 Spada, after doing research, It would seem that the VTR is one of the best learner bikes avilable. It would also seem that it is too pricey :p

    So im going with its cousin yay!

    My problem is that I live in Maroochydore on the sunshine coast, is there anyone in the sydney area able to go to campbelltown this weekend at some point to inspect a bike for me, and tell me

    1. is it good cond.
    2. is it worth the money
    3. should i buy it.

    if all these answers are yes, i shall fly down and ride it back up :p

    anyone able? please call ralph on and set up a meeting. he is expecting calls.

    cheers all.

    i am unsure where to post this, it is also poster in new riders/tips.
  2. If your talking about the 1 of the 2 VTR's at Action Moto give me a buzz.
  3. Oh Hi there!

    Nobody knows you from a bar of soap, you join the board, and then you put a cry for help out there without so much as an introduction.

    WTF are you expecting?

    I will often go out of my way to help noobs and to look over bikes for people (at no cost), but you have got to be kidding when you just blow in and expect someone to come running to help you.

    I'll give you a free tip..
    There are lots of noobs here, who would know very little about how to carry out a thorough bike inspection, and what to look for. Depending upon who if anyone offers to look at the bike for you, it may well turn out the opinion you are getting is from someone who themselves has no idea, and if you will base your decision to buy a bike on such an opinion, Caveat Emptor!
  4. +1 to tweet. Someone would usually jump to help you, but when your first post is asking for a favour - thats just trying to use someone.