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[SYDNEY] PROTEST RIDE: Mourning the Toll [Sun 26/06]

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by taxsux, Jun 15, 2005.

  1. From: Guy Stanford
    Subject: [Mcc-delegates] Mourning the Toll
    To: MCC-Delegates


    MCC of NSW member clubs agreement last night.


    June 26, 10 am, Hickson Road, The Rocks.
    Bring toll money - a note.

    This is a slow ride, a funeral procession, Mourning our Toll.
    Wear an armband. Low level public inconvenience. Very High profile.

    The purpose is to provide images for TV and ramp up the importance.
    Toll issues will be won or lost in the press.
    Make pollies worry about "what if we changed the time or the target?"

    A show of strength. Be there. More detail as the Planners release it.
    Club Reps, please advise John on committment numbers from your club.


    Riders are happy to pay a toll
    As long as the rate is fair
    As long as we are not disadvantaged with fees or inappropriate technology or
    forced to compromise safety.

    CB equipped bikes needed.
    Pillions with video cameras.
    Pillions for sticker and pamphlet handouts
    All over by 12:30
    Media support from MCC of NSW

    I'm really slow at paying a toll. Just can't get the hang of it. I get clumsy and drop my gloves and sometimes can't find the money in my pocket and have to get off to get into the bottom of the pocket in my Draggins' or else I flick all the coins out of my pocket accidentally and then my bike doesn't re-start sometimes. I take around 1 minute and ten seconds and I wonder how anyone else could do it faster than that. And then, if anyone is shouting at me or a uniformed authority figure is standing near me, I get really nervous and forgetful and it all takes longer, 'cos I forget that my wallet is under the seat and look in the wrong place or take my helmet off to hear what they have to say and sometimes I have put my gloves on and forgotten to do up my helmet and then find my wallet is still in my hand and it should be in the top box.............

    Currently 43+ Bikes from ORS attending. :)
  2. "I'm really slow at paying a toll. Just can't get the hang of it. "

    Am I the only one with a Blob of Blu-Tak on my tank and two coins pushed into it ?

    Takes me all of 5 seconds to stop the bike, grabe the coins and hand over to toll dude .....

    My Aplogies... I cant make it ......
  3. The Cross City Tunnel does not allow you to pay by cash. You must have an etag. You must also have a CCT beep tag, as they won't accept others for mbikes. You must be wearing an armband and it must work.

    If it fails, you get hit with a $1.60 admin fee. It doesn't matter that the arm band hasn't been designed or approved for safe use with a motorcycle, or the the fact the beep tag isn't water proof.

    Tough luck, you get hit for the processing cost because CCT can't provide a safe and working solution for motorcyclists.
  4. just heard that the forecast for the next 24 hours is showers clearing :D
  5. with you in spirit guys........don't forget your wet weather gear.

  6. blu tak on the tank.........you may not like your bike that much but the rest of us have a tad more respect for our machines!
  7. woo hoo :D excellent way to spend a sunday morning...

    there was a rather good turnout, especially when one considers the weather - i'd say approx 400 bikes (though i'm sure official figures will vary).

    looked to be good media coverage - my only suggestion would be for the organisers to use megaphones next time - it's a bit hard to hear the briefings with bikes going past :LOL:

    great to put some faces to names as well - kaer and lana, flashfire and jordan and chris :)

    will have to wait and watch the news tonight but overall for an initial protest, i think it went well.
  8. Respect, surely you jest?

    Bluetack today, softdrink crate occy strapped to the ducktail tomorrow. :LOL:
  9. taken from today's SMH: