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Sydney Photoshoot Ride RNP March 14th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by goz, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. Sydney Photoshoot Ride CANCELLED


    Gday guys

    Making this official..

    What: Sydney photoshoot ride
    Where: Royal National Park
    When: Sunday March 14th 2010
    Time: 8am and 9am

    Polish your bikes, bring your camera or just tag along.

    There will be 2 meeting points for this ride..

    Meeting point 1, Hooters Parramatta at 8am, leave 8:30am sharp

    Meeting point 2, Loftus oval carpark, 9am, leave 9:30am sharp

    We will travel through RNP and stop at a few scenic locations for a photoshoot, you do not need to bring your own camera as others (like me) will take shots for you, but if you have a good camera, bring it along and get some great shots and help out others with photos

    Everyone is welcome including learners.

    Add your name below if your in and include how many of you (friends)

    This will be an enjoyable day with great people, we will also stop somewhere for drinks.


    EDIT// Also add what meeting point you will be attending..

    In so far

    waedwe +1
    Lucius +1
    M:-O:B +6
    mrCAMPO +some
    TallRider +couple
    charoli +1
    Saint Tux

    Over 30 so far, looking good, proud of yas Sydney/Gong siders, been a bit of a drought with group rides lately
  2. i will be there
  3. Sweet im in.
  4. I'm in - maybe +1 friend who is yet to confirm.
  5. 4 Rockets + 3 more will confirm in 3 days=D>
  6. i'm in for this 1 :D:D:D
  7. sounds really awesome. my bike is up for sale at the moment, but if its not sold by then i will definately be in.

    obviously its all polished and spick and spam too!
  8. I'm in mate. Love to bring my mates too as I'm sure they would love to spruce up their bikes for a shoot. I have a Canon 5D SLR I can bring, just need to source a bag that will accommodate the bloody hump on my A* jacket lol...
  9. Sorry forgot to mention our preferred would be Hooters parra. Cheers, Mick.
  10. welcome mate, ill be taking a olympus e300 with 2 lenses in my backback with plenty of soft stuff around it :)
  11. I'd probably just bring 1 lens - 24-105mm good allrounder should do me. I'll prob bring a tripod too..
  12. I'll tag along for a couple of hours with the new Dayt - catch yas at Loftus.

  13. how u bringing a tripod?, mines to big to take, nowhere to put it on the bike

  14. see you there darkie, ill be at hooters so we should get to loftus around 9:15
  15. I'm in for this. What time will you be IN the park? I'm coming up from the 'Gong?
  16. I've got a carbon version, so it's not too heavy, but in sayin that, I've seen a few bags where you can clip it on the front and secure via a few straps..

  17. Im not real familiar with the area as im more of a old pac wisemans rider, leaving loftus oval 9:30am, does that help?

    im relying on the rnp experts up there to show us around :D
  18. Yep, that helps. And the meeting place in the Park will be where?
  19. loftus oval carpark
  20. Well, that's not really IN the Park. I'd have to go all the way through the Park to the other end to get there. I was sorta hoping to meet at one of the "scenic locations".

    Never mind, I'm sure it will work out. Thanks.