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Sydney (Parramatta) to Central Coast (Woy Woy) - Route Suggestions

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by nozzle, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm a relatively new rider and am contemplating a scenic ride that will be Learner friendly to the Central Coast from Sydney.

    I'm also a cyclist and do know some of the national park roads so was thinking:

    Parramatta <> Pennant Hills Rd (Busy I know) <> Old Pacific Highway <> Gosford.

    Open to suggestions or bits of road to avoid. I'm hoping to get a pie at Pie in the Sky on the way!!!!

    Alternatively, does the ferry from Palm Beach take cars/bikes?

  2. Your on the money mate, old pacific hwy the whole way. Be prepared to smile a lot
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  3. No, the palm beach ferry does not take cars or bikes.
  4. Thanks for the tips. I'm thinking that the Gorges could be fun to add on if I have time (Galston, Berowra, Bobbin).
  5. From Leichhardt, I wouldn't go anywhere near Parramatta > Pennant Hills Rd. You'd be better off going Victoria Rd to Top Ryde, Ryde Rd to Gordon, Pacific Highway via Hornsby to Berowra then Old Pacific Highway. Alternative could be Pacific Highway to Bobbin Head Rd (Turramurra) > Bobbin Head Rd to Mt Colah then onto the Old Pacific Highway. Depending on time of day, you may be asked to pay a National Park entry fee to go through Bobbin Head.
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  6. I'm actually going to be collecting some gear from Bikebiz that morning and will be in Granville (hence leaving from Parramatta area). Would it be worth riding back toward the City to make the run straight up Ryde Rd from the M4?

    I'm trying to avoid the M4 and other major roads.
  7. Use Victoria road till you hit Ryde, jump on lane cove road travel on that for about 10-15mins and exit to pacific hwy at Gordon.
    Then just take the freeway at Wahroonga and exit at Berowra to get back on to old pacific hwy.
    This route will be the best for a new rider and traffic is pretty reasonable especially during the day and not many heavy vehicles use these roads. Just don't go peak times.
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  8. Thanks I'll check Google Maps and plan it out. Seems pretty straight forward.
  9. Thanks All.

    Had a great ride on the weekend. Went up Old Pac Hwy to Woy Woy on Friday. Plenty of pootling around on the coast Saturday. And 4 hrs riding on Sunday from Central Coast <> Mangrove Mountain <> Wisemans <> Sydney

    Appreciate the advice. Already planning this weekend and a ride south to RNP and south toward the gong.