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Sydney Parking Stations

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MrChicken, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. I am hunting around for weekday off-street parking in the Sydney CBD. Has anyone had any experience with parking stations offering decent rates for bikes?

  2. from memory the Domain carpark does... can't remember the rates or anything :?

    does the building you work in have a loading dock or carpark you can sneak into? A few building managers don't mind a bike in the carpark as they take up bugger all space...
  3. +1 for random spots. All the parking was taken at work today, so I parked right in front of the building. The 3 metres walk to the door tired me out :grin:
  4. most car parks have lots of small gaps for us bikes to fit in. some of them don't have cameras at the exit :wink:
  5. I've found that if you ask/guilt trip the operator usually lets you ride around even worked at the airport and they are nazi's
  6. The building I work in (Barrack Street) has a few small common areas that are clear, but once I started using one of them (with my employer's blessing), the wanker in the adjacent car space started to deliberately park me in. There was plenty of room for the bike, he just didn't like me parking near him. It ain't over yet, but I don't want to have to keep looking over my shoulder.

    In my old building (Clarence Street) it was no drama, and we were allowed to park in between the building columns at no cost - good form on the part of building management. It would be good to see more buildings offering free (or cheap) bike parking where it doesn't intrude on paid car spaces.
  7. really I'm on york corner of barrack I park in the back lane, every now and again the building manager throws a tantrum and chains the bikes.

    I have been nice to him so far and escaped unchained

    you could also try parking in between the columns of the ANZ on the corner all the scooter crowd seem to do it pretty succesfully
  8. depending how far you want to walk, but the car park under UTS off wattle street at Ultimo used to let me and my mate park under their for free, in the bicycle area :LOL: otherwise theres one around the back which we could stick our bikes in the corner and ride around the boom gate when we left :grin:
  9. Ha!!! That's the building I'm in - well the one next door anyway. The number of scoots there seems to have multiplied in the last few weeks. Too small for me though. I know the back lane and have probably seen you there. Seems like a dodgy spot, but good luck to you if it works okay.
  10. I used to work at Darling Park, 201 Sussex street. The car park charged $50 per month for motor bike. I did not use it as there are plenty of free parking along side.

    I now moved to Circular Quay. There is one car park (forgot the name) entered from Pitt street, charge $10 per day, no monthly rate for bikes. If you try around you may find more.