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[Sydney] Parking in the City 101

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by chrome, May 7, 2010.

  1. All this information is out there in one way or another but I have seen enough stupidity the last 24 hours that I thought I should write something.

    Places to Park

    You can park anywhere within the CBD for free, but pay attention to what is considered the CBD and what is not. You still need to pay attention to the time limits for parking spaces, and the City Rangers are notoriously vigilant.

    There are dedicated parking areas. See the above map. Parking in a dedicated motorcycle parking space allows you to park for the entire day within the displayed times. Cars may park in these spaces if they are motorcycle only for a specific time of day and they park outside of those times. Check the sign.

    Lastly, some roads near the Botanic Gardens are covered by a different group of Rangers, and there is no free parking on these roads. Hospital Road is one such example. If in doubt, don't park there, or find a ranger and ask. Or call the rangers using the number below, and ask.

    Idiot Car Drivers

    If you find a car parked in a motorcycle only parking space, make sure you know what street you are on, what the closest intersections are, and call the City Rangers Unit on 02 9265 9333. Tell them that you'd like to report an illegally parked car in a motorcycle parking only space. They will ask you for your name and phone number. They will then ask you for the location, and will probably ask you for make, model and rego of the car. Just give them the information, be factual; the people taking the call don't really care if you're busy or annoyed or whatever.

    I think that it is perfectly acceptable to park your bike in front of or behind an illegally parked car, or even box them in, as long as you leave a note and have taken photos so that they pay for damage to your bike if they try to get out and knock it over. Its up to you if you want to take the risk. I've done it several times, and been called by the driver, and subsequently moved the bike so they could get out. Usually they're pretty polite about it, and sorry they parked in the space. Make sure that if you do leave a note, that you don't write anything inflammatory; you don't want them angry, even if they're dickheads. Hopefully you got them a parking fine anyway, so you should be feeling pretty smug by the time they call you.

    Idiot Motorcyclists

    Look, I can understand that you might want to protect your bike from other bikes scratching yours, but parking at an exaggerated angle to the curb compared to others is a dick move. Using up two bike spaces for one bike is just not cool. If you're that worried about it, don't ride it. Take the damn bus, or buy a scooter.

    If you see a really tight spot, but you can fit your bike in there, think twice. Can the bike on your left get out? Will they be able to stand their bike up and take it off the kick stand? If not, don't park there unless you're happy with your bike getting scratched or potentially dropped when the person on your left gets frustrated trying to pull out of their spot.

    Idiot Scooterists

    Same goes for you guys. Look, I know these things are small, but if there is no way for me to stand the bike up and get it out of the spot without scraping my exhaust on your scooter, then guess what will happen to your scooter? I will pick it up and deposit it on the footpath where hopefully a Ranger will come and ticket it.

    Best time to Park

    If you want to guarantee a park in the City of Sydney, you will usually these days need to be in the City by no later than 7:30. After that time, it gets a bit dicey. Different areas are different, of course, you just need to figure it out for yourself.

    If you are late to work, say after 9am, the only place I've ever found spare parking spaces are on Sussex Street down by the Passenger Docks. It's a long walk from anywhere but it beats paying for parking, imho.

    Anyway. If you're coming to work at 7am, then that means you can leave work earlier, right? Its awesome. Trust me :)
  2. Niiiiiiiiiiiiceeee
  3. I used to park in the motorcycle parking zones in the city a lot. I got absolutely sick of scooters parking me in - so close that I hard an incredibly hard time getting the bike off the side stand and then out of the space.

    What was worse was when other motorcycle riders did the exact same thing. Grrrrrr!
  4. So you're telling me it's not poor form to relocate scooters? Cool, I thought I was just a prick. :)
  5. How do you do that? ie. I thought the wheels locked whilst parked without a key in the ignition? Can you roll motorbikes as well??

    ETA. Yes. I know. I am a newb!
  6. your such a noob :D
  7. YOU'RE not helping! ;)

    Hey I'll dye my hair blonde and I'll totally match my online persona.
  8. I find I can manhandle them around pretty easily. Usually moving them sideways is all I need to do to get out.

    Yeah. They should know better. Its just one of the risks of commuting, unfortunately. You just have to deal with it.
  9. Being 6'6'' helps...

    No they don't lock, without the help of a disc lock. But for scooters, in particular, these are irrelevant.
  10. Thanks.
  11. There's been a couple of times where I've come back to the bike to find a scooter leaning against my bike. How they managed to wedge the scooter in the non existent space is anyone's guess.

    And yes, 7am starts (and early leave) for the win. Relatively traffic free run in both directions.
  12. Alternatively, leave a friendly note.

    It's a no brainer, if the space you want to park in is going to be used by other bikes to leave, do not ****ing park there.
  13. Thanks for digging up the info and posting it up.

    I dont go city much and I do understand parking in an allocated spot for bikes is the way to go but one question, does all this mean you can no longer just slip through the boomgate in any undercover carpark without receiving a fine?

    Does anyone still do it?
  14. (In my experience) some of them have short boomgates specifically so bikes can get in and out for free, and will usually have designated bike parking (near an entrance/exit/under a ramp - generally where a car couldn't fit but a few bikes could).

    Then there are the ones that have a short boomgate because they have a short boomgate. Best ask a guard or something on site just to double check.