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Sydney NYE. I need advice

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Churro Monster, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. Hi all. I am riding to Sydney at xmas time and staying for 4 nights. We're staying at Stanhope Gardens and were thinking of catching the Ferry from Rydalmere to the city every day to do touristy things. I know there is no footpath parking like here in Melb so I thought this would be easier. Question is, on New years eve, ferries stop at 6.00 pm!! Surely the buses and trains run all night? How else do all of those hundreds of thousands people get around after midnight. Would it be that much of a problem to park the bikes in the city or just to much hassle?

  2. if you park the bike in the city doesn't that mean you aren't drinking? and even if you aren't, i'd be more concerned about the thousands of drunk pedestrians walking by your unattended bike.

    i don't know about buses but the trains do definitely work. i've caught it back many times.
  3. Bike parking in the city is pretty good and free. If I weren't drinking I'd try to park away from the rocks a bit, then bus it down and probably walk back.

    Sydney trains are really dumb. They stop from 1 to about 4 in the morning. Which is about the time that drunk people come out of night clubs and try to get home.

    I don't know about NYE, but it wouldn't suprise me if it was still the same. Besides a train to Rydalmere? I don't like your chances at the best of times.

    they do generally put exra busses on for NYE, but once agian Ryldamere might be tough. It's a long way fromt he city, if you are not driving.

    Of course a taxi will be impossible to get and even if you did it'd be $80.

    I'd be think a train to Parramatta or Granville then a Taxi. That is of course if they put them on.

    Otherwise a bike parking a bit away from the rocks.
  4. I just talked to Sydney Ferries Corporation and the ferries will stop at 6:00pm, but will run again after 12:30 am on their normal routes. The stoppage is because of overloading getting into the city, and they cannot start again until after the fireworks display at midnight.

    I wouldn't, under any circumstances, be taking ANY form of private vehicle into the city that night!
  5. Thanks guys. I'm not drinking, so thats not a problem. Yeah, I never even ride my bike into Melb for NYE so I had the same reservations about Syd. We left our holiday planning til the last minute, and wer'e tenting it, so that explains why Im staying at a tourist park so far out of town. Still costing me $55 for a patch of grass with no power, and it was the last one left! I think the ferry would be the best option. I rang them yesterday and the old lady on the phone didnt mention them re- starting after midnight. Thanks for that Hornet. Surely the carpark at Rydalmere Ferry teminal would be o.k to park at.
  6. Getting out of the city on New Years Eve is a pain in the butt.

    There is no way in hell I would be taking the bike to park. Drunk stupid stuff has a habit of happening then.

    Trains shut off for a while, then kick in again around 12:30 from memory.

    The best place I've found if you want to watch the fireworks is not Circular Quay, but North Sydney. Crowds there are much tamer & more family.

    Haven't been to the firework celebrations for past 2 years though.
  7. I was in the city for NYE last year, and on the way home I saw a few people literally jumping up and down on the bonnets of cars. I was surprised at how mental everything seemed to get. I think the anti-climax of it all, and the drink sends some people mad, and off they go causing damage. Hundreds of thousands making their way home, and the worlds largest minefield of vomit in the CBD. Not a good environment for your poor bike.
  8. what the...? :shock:

    i envy you.....damn people with natural highs! :x :LOL:
  9. I know, I know. I dont pull up in the morning as good as i used to, so I just have a few red bulls and Im nice. Im sorry to sound pathetic, but could someone please let me know the names of a few of those Northern suburbs - just wondering how far North :)
  10. Have a look here, and choose your spot. The PM's front lawn in Kirribilli is NOT one of the options...
  11. Thankyou soo much. I love Netrider, this is the best site!!
  12. Im from The rocks ,the best place to see the fire works is from my roof top garden ,hehehehe.

    I wouldn't take your bike to the city AT ALL ,leave it at where you are staying.

    Every year the goverment ,puts out a transport website for NYE travel and a hot line ,to ring .
    But it won't be set up till closer to the date.

    I would let you park at my place ,but im not in sydney for NYE im over all the fireworks ,LOL.