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[Sydney NSW] 1993 Honda CBR1000F

Discussion in 'Archived' started by snoman, Jul 23, 2009.

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  1. For Sale: 1993 Honda CBR1000F

    Great condition
    mechanically fine
    an oldie but Goodie!
    This bike is capable of keeping up with other riders on brand new expensive bikes easily but it is also very comfortable on long trips and as a cruiser

    new alternator thing to charge battery - $290.00 receipt available
    water cooling system just been fixed and is a OK (wont need any work)
    Full service : everything checked $390 reciept available
    brand new front tyre just fitted Pirelli Diablo II $225 receipt available

    always garaged, Loved and cared for
    Never used in the rain intentionally (occasionally caught in a shower)




    call me 0420811638
  2. A price and pics could also help.
  3. price


    $3900.00 or near offer

    pics coming soon

  4. Reason for selling

    reason for selling

    is I am going overseas -

    pics added to first post for you ;)
  5. yo

    Must sell
    make me an offer
    Come and inspect or have a test ride
    Goes Great
    Engine purrs smoothly

    I just used this bike for a nice ride to kangaroo valley on Sunday and it went awesomely!
  6. The top pic looks like Narrabeen lake.

    How many k's?
  7. bike still runs great

    only 120000kms
    which is nothing for a 4 cylinder 1000cc engine

    my daihatsu charade did 370000kms before the cam shaft snapped and that 1000cc engine had to pull around the extra weight of four steel doors and a car body.

    Bike runs great and any mechanical check or inspection is welcomed
  8. The Update : Where are all the buyers

    Dont be afraid to come and have a look
    Inspect the bike
    Have a test ride
    Bike goes smooth and awesome and still great fun to ride
    Just back from a tour of Wisemans Ferry this weekend and still going great!

    at Only $3900 This is a Cheap bike!

    Great value Motorcycling !!!
  9. 1993 Honda CBR1000F
    Valuation Prices
    Price when new (RRP) $10,999
    Trade in price guide $2,200 - $2,600
    Private price guide $3,300 - $3,900
    Quick Info
    Release Year 1993
    Bike Type Road
    Drive Chain
    Transmission Manual
    No. Gears 6
    No. Cylinders 4
    Engine Size 998cc (1000)
  10. free brand new Gel battery with warranty

    My Motorcycle (which is advertised for sale)

    Now comes with a brand new Gel battery in brand new condition.

    Plus receipt from my Bike Mechanic showing the regulator is fixed and charging fine now.

    plus receipt for new battery which comes with its own warrranty
  11. Bike got 6 months Rego now!!!!!

    I cant believe this hasnt sold

    its a great bike and very comfy on long rides

    Its actually more comfy then my last bike which was a much newer 2001 Kawasaki ZRX1200S


    I had planned to rent a Harley for the ride to Neville because I thought I would have sold my bike by then, but since it hasnt sold. I save $600 on rental

    So i decided to spend some of that saved cash on CTP & rego

    So bike is still advertised for Sale (anytime after next weekend (6 Sept.)) but it now comes with 6 months CTP & Rego. Rego now runs out in Feb 2010.
  12. Brand new rear Tyre Pireilli Diablo Corsa III

    To get Rego
    The bike has now had its mechanical check (pink slip) and passed
    and now has a new Pireilli Diablo Corsa III rear tyre

    so Bike comes with BRAND NEW tyres now as the front tyre is also brand new (1 month old)

    with Rego & CTP insurance
  13. tell ya what snoman. that commuter chat we had is looking better. damn bank account is beaten up pretty bad at the moment.
    ill pm ya
  14. not in a hurry to sell but its got to go beofre November

    Another great ride to Bathurst, around the track (slowly) 3 times.

    Stayed in Neville and the bike started first pop, no worries despite -3 degree overnight conditions,
    and 3 other bikes (later model bikes) had mechanical problems.

    The New Pireilli Diablo Corsa III tyres were sticky as and awesome on the corners!!!!!

    And yes This bike is still for sale.................

    not in a hurry to sell but its got to go before November when I leave Australia
  15. The Snowman rides again!!!!

    Rode to Dapto yesterday
    Lovely ride there and back

    This post is to remind you that this motorcycle is still available for sale
  16. i know.. stop stalking me
  17. Rode to Melbourne and back.

    Bike still goes awesome!

    This motorbike is still for sale and now has new brake pads on the rear.
  18. Well after the trip to melbourne
    checked oil, bike hadnt used a drop - oil is still clean

    new pads on the rear
    front pads are fine and do not require changing
    chain adjusted and re-oiled

    the bike is all ready to ride and needs nothing done on it
    If no-one buys it this week
    I might have to take it for a ride on the weekend :bannanabutt:
  19. If I wasn't going to thailand in 6 weeks I would seriously consider this. Goood luck with the sale!
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