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NSW Sydney - Northern: I am looking for work!

Discussion in 'Employment' started by lowercase, Mar 10, 2011.

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  1. Hey potential employers,

    I'm looking for a job. I want to work north of the city please, as I'd rather not commute longer than 30-40 mins to work.

    I live near Dural.

    I have: RSA, RCG, Senior First Aid (doing a refresher CPR course in the next month), am a qualified Barista and also have qualifications in coffee art.

    Last two jobs were basically the same, being: Assistant Manager in Hotels in the Town of 1770, QLD. Looking after all bookings (email, phone, walk-ins), maintaining all gardens, ordering stock, cleaning, ensuring all paperwork is up to date and paying our cleaners.

    Job prior to that: Lexus Customer Assistance - exclusive customer service on the phone, included learning the job from scratch (brand new role), preparing all weekly reports, managing all contact lists and other need-to-know info (all kept in folders I'd prepared), ensuring knowledge of all Lexus vehicles new and old was accurate and enough to talk to customers. Service bookings, general enquiries, dealing with all enquiries sent via the website, and looking after the QLD and NT dealerships as their go-to girl.

    Looking for: Job that's not in a corporate environment. Looking for a job that accepts humour, a job that is fun and that I will fit into fairly easily. I don't mind if it's part or full time, and would be happy with anything motorcycle related, anything in retail, secretarial work in a small office/house, barista, bar work etc.

    Won't turn much down :)


  2. good luck holly..
  3. PLUS!!!!

    ...she gives good blog
  4. sometimes i give good blog. i'm a bit unsure about my blogging right now, so thinking of starting afresh, including more bike stuff :D
  5. okay, made it through the first bit for an Assistant Managers job!

    but we'll see if that gets me an interview... :)

    no one on here know of anyone hiring??
  6. I got the interview - that was on Wednesday. It went really well!

    They've called at least one of my references today, and he said it was great.

    So umm... please all keep your fingers crossed for me!

    Thanks :D
  7. Good Luck :grin:
  8. fingers crossed
  9. You'll be fine :D
  10. awwwwww, you guys! thanks people :D
  11. So did you get it?
  12. I find out at the earliest of Wednesday this week, they said. So fingers crossed :)
  13. Got a call today saying that I got the job!

    Assistant Manager in Spit Junction!

    Does anyone know of any undercover and or bike parking in the area?

    Thank you so much to all for your well wishes :D You guys are the best!
  14. Nice one, congratulations.
    Now you got petrol money...
  15. good onya holly
  16. Well done holly, congrats!
  17. Congrats Holly - well done !!!!
  18. Thanks! Yup, been dying to get more fuel money!
  19. Congrats L.C

    When do you start? I'm off all week if you're up for that ride before you start.
  20. Oh a ride sounds good... a slow and quiet one to wisemans? I've barely ridden in 6 months... I can do any day (except tomorrow - Wednesday). Let me know!

    Thanks all :D Thanks Finn :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.