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Sydney Noobie

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by budgiesyd, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. Hey people,

    I just found this forum and its looking good (member of ORS and KSRC atm also).

    A little bit about me i guess........I live in Sydney near Manly. Current ride is a 98 ZX6R. I work in security. Im 24 and like a few risks in life.

    Anything else let me know
  2. welcome aboard budgiesyd.
  3. hey welcome and yes i think anyone who is on two wheels is probably a greater risk taker than the average person
  4. Welcome aboard. You've just added being on Netrider to the list of high-risk behaviours in which you indulge! :LOL:
  5. Welcome Bud,

    Cheers Dmeanr
  6. Welcome mate! :)
  7. welcome to netrider, come along to coffee nights mate!
  8. Welcome Budgie
    :cool: a few more Si de ney riders :LOL:
  10. hey dude are you Budgie over on ORS?

    ORS is much better for Sydney riders. Most of the Sydney riders mostly post on ORs instead. eg josh909, me, flashfire, tommi, patske etc etc. There was a mas exodus like 6 months ago
  11. Why was there a mass exodus Sickboy?

    I'm new here myself, tell me all the gory details mate.
  12. The one and only,

    Im finding alot of people here are from Melb way