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[Sydney] Night rides - Any good ones - Now on 27th March!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jimmym, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    I haven't been riding long but I feel relatively comfortable riding at night. On top of that I just got a sudden urge to go riding, which I think i have to do :grin:

    So, know any good rides for the night time? I don't really want to go out of sydney cause there is loads of 6ft kangaroo's who cross the roads before looking both ways and other wildlife along with blinding lights of other motorists.

    Any help would be good...


  2. Past peak hour, Sydney roads empty up pretty quickly. I live in Chatswood and when I first got my bike and wanted to get some night riding experience I did what I dubbed the '3 bridge run' - I guess this could be altered depending on where you live.

    From Chatswood I'd head via lane cove to Gladesville Bridge, down Victoria road to ANZAC Bridge, past darling harbour then back onto the Harbour Bridge and back to Chatswood. Depending on how close you are to the city area it takes about 30-40 mins and it's good fun with minimal traffic.

    Here's the route - modify it as you like. I don't know where 'North West' you are, but if you're coming from up near North Ryde it's easy to come down via Epping road and do that loop.

    Hope this helps :)
  3. I'm from Chatswood area too. Gotta try that route. Though Harbour Bridge is kind of intimidating. Even leftmost lane drivers go at full speed.

    Bridges is urban ride and really for night only. I am looking for more scenic/relaxed route.
    Tried to go to Lane Cove Reserve but not much of a route there.
  4. Harbour bridge is fine when you're use to it - I commute daily on a route pretty much identical to that one that I posted. I'm usually the one overtaking the cars on the bridge :p If you're really not confident just stay in the far left lane and go up through north sydney, you only have to watch out for the traffic in lane 2 and just keep out of blind spots. :)
  5. Cruise to palm beach is always good :D And mccarrs if you like animals :wink:
  6. the cbr forum have an awesome eastern sub's ride, we norm do it atleast once per month, good fun, feel free to come along
  7. That run sounds good, im from Lane Cove so i will have to give it a try one night.
  8. Ill 2nd that, although always good to hoot down through Akuna bay for that extra time taker... Although i think i saw a sign yesterday saying it was closed!
  9. smells like the making of a northie night run... hmm :p
  10. Maybe maybe......

    A nice loop though to Palm beach, then up mccars creek for then home from terry hills...
  11. I do a run from once a week after tea from North Ryde - Roseville - Forrestville - Manly - Palm Beach - & Back.

    Its all fairly sedate & really just to clear the head so your welcome to come on that.
  12. Thanks guys, I went to the city via Victoria road, over the harbour bridge and back up epping road, was good fun.

    I like the sound of the palm beach one for sure, would anyone else be interested in doing it? Day or night? Although night would be a bit more exciting....
  13. Night sounds the go..
  14. Id be interested to go for a ride near palm beach - even though i dont live that close to uguys always wanted to explore that part
  15. Hey guys, well we should definatly plan a ride, i think that the day time is best, as at night well its just a beach!

    Do you want to plan it for a W/E or during the week?

    If we do a day ride, we can always do a night one later
  16. Sounds like a cunning plan for a ride. I'm in. :)
  17. Ok, getting mixed feedback here for day and night. I think both could be fun, one weeknight or on a saturday. To resolve this, lets have two? One on say a thursday night, then that sat or sun?

    What u guys think?

    I'd love to do both to be honest.
  18. I'd prob be in for the Thurs night run