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[Sydney] Need new battery for GPX250 ASAP!!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Rockjob, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. Sorry to spam up general guys but i'm in quite a pickle here.
    Booked into my P's test for monday the 31st. My bike battery started playing up the other day. Not sure exactly what the problem is but ive added water and charged it twice. Still fails.

    So i need a new battery. The problem, everywhere seems to be shut! I went to supercheap auto, they had the battery i needed, but it was dry. They didnt think to tell me this when I bought it. (I assumed all batteries sold atleast come with fluid.) So I went back down only to find they didnt have any acid for what I would call a "half-made battery". The guy there recommended going to battery world at castle hill I returned the battery and headed up there hoping to find one that actually comes with acid in it. They are closed until the second!!!

    So yea, any help/directions would be appreciated greatly. I just need to find a store that is actually open.
  2. I just bought a battery for a ducati from Frasers in Homebush today.

    Wife picked it up this afternoon, it's a completely sealed/maintenance free battery so it should be wet already.

    They might have something to fit the GPX?
  3. lol they sell bottles of battery acid rite next to batterires in all car shops
  4. Sucks they didn't actually have acid for it but I'm surprized they had one at all. Use the good old YellowPages it may beable to help you out.
  5. Also maybe try Sydney City Motorcycles there open today, Sat and Mon. I know there prob not the cheapest but least they might have a battery.