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Sydney Motorcycle Wreckers - Alexandria NSW

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by panza83, Aug 11, 2010.

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    I've taken my Yamaha FZ1 to these boys and jesus they've impressed the shit out me in their knowledge and skill in motorcycle repair.

    Jay, the owner is just a real straight up kind of guy. My bikes throttle bodies were ****ed where some muppet had butchered the thing in the past, where other shops may have opted for the easy and expensive way out and replaced parts, these guys had repaired and machined new components for the job.

    They are very open in what they do and welcomed me to have a look and demonstrated what was wrong.

    I couldn't be happier with these dudes, they definitely have my repeat business.

    [URL="]Sydney Motorcycle Wreckers on Youtube[/URL]
  2. I'm in Victoria and I use them, no complaints to date
  3. My bike is currently there after my accident. I LOVE them. They've always really looked after me and always kept me up to date.

    ***** - 5 Stars!
  4. Jay told me yesterday about the idea to chuck a cafe in the front right hand area.....
    What a great excuse to perve at bikes.
  5. Oooooh! I hope they do :D
  6. Hey, I have to put my bike in for a service, can you hire a trailer, get a loan bike/ute or something from them so I can get back to work?
  7. no idea. you should call up n ask
  8. I'm also a fan of their work. Called up to ask about tyres a couple of weeks ago and got told, "we don't really have time to fit them today (I had a leaking rear), but drop down and we'll do it within the hour for ya". How good is that?

    You can walk to green square train station in 15-20 mins.
  9. I work in Botany so I need to get back to work without anyone knowing :p
  10. bicycle time!
  11. Called up today, they're booked right through to January - knew it was busy but holy crap I guess its a good thing if everyone takes their bike there.

    Inquired about the loan bike/car/trailer, they used to do it but not anymore.
  12. procycles in hornsby have loan bikes. give them a call.
  13. They're around an hour or so away, and I'm from the shire might just take it to SPM on the way home from work one day and catch the train to in morning and after work.
  14. What about Flywheels abit further down the road?

    2nd post for them.. no association I swear!
  15. Actually drove past them today at Lunch, I ended up just giving the guys down at SPM at Taren Pt a call and I'll drop the bike of on Tuesday after work, and they'll do the service on Tuesday and I'll pick it up Tuesday afternoon or whenever they call. Liked the artistic tyre marks out the front :p
  16. Beaconsfield Morotrcycles is on Botany Road at the Rosebery Hotel,

    They dont have loan bikes but they are a good mechaics, give thema call if you dont want to go to Taren Pt
  17. Ill be trying them out next!
  18. I have heard good things about these guys and I am glad to see it backed up here.
    Those overpriced clowns in Balmain have lost me as a customer.
    Tim, and co. , you might make a few quick bucks by ripping people off, but you'll lose their custom and it'll end up costing you in the long run. Use your brains and at least provide quality for the fortune that you charge.