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Sydney motorcycle show

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by waedwe, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. www.sydneymotorcycleshow.com.au

    So who's going this year? will there be a netrider stand? i see from the press release (in the news announcementson the hompepage here) that there should be plenty of clearance sale type products as it has been popular previously,
    i am thinking of riding up for a look around, or is it worthwhile to (gasp!) cage it if there really are good bargains to be had and transported home?
  2. Yes, we'll be there and have a stand again this year.
  3. hmm, same dates as the 6 hour. might go on fri or sat if im free
  4. what is the 6 hour? is that the ourimbah wannaride / fat tyre fest?
  5. The Six Hour is the Belray Six Hour Endurance race at Oran Park. Probably the last-ever motorcycle race at Oran.


    Definitely not to be missed.

    As far as the show is concerned, even if I wasn't committed to duty at the Six Hour, I wouldn't be going. I can't see any good reason for spending good money to look at bikes that have been released for nearly a year and that I can see in the showroom, (and ride), for nothing.

    It's not the organisers' fault. It's just that the show is at the wrong time of year. The new releases are about to happen and the new bikes will be shown at Tokyo, Cologne, Paris, London etc in the next few weeks. Sydney's organisers will not be able to show the new VFR, for example, until next November.

    Added to this, the trade shows, which used to be the only compelling reason for going to the show, given the above absurdity, are scaling back in the current economic climate and the "freebies" and excellent deals that used to be a part of the show are noticeably absent of late. And, with the discount shops offering huge discounts on a day-to-day basis in order to keep the cash flow going, there's not much margin left for them to cut in order to cover the exhorbitant cost of hiring a stand at the show, and yet still offer discount deals to the ounters.

    Now, if they could just move the show to March or May, that WOULD be the ticket.

    Anyway, see you at the Six Hour.
  6. Sydney has a special guest this year on the Sunday

    Boorman at the Show
    Charley will be Cycle Torque’s special guest at the Sydney Bike
    Show, where he will be a part of the panel making a podcast
    in front of a live audience – it kicks off at 12.30pm on Sunday
    November 22, but be early, we are expecting a big crowd!
    Charley will be talking about his travels and books, especially the
    new one, Right to the Edge, and he’ll also take questions from the
    At the conclusion of the podcast Charley will be signing copies of
    his books, which you can purchase from the Cycle Torque stand
    just next to the stage!
  7. Website states
    Motorcycle parking is available on Showground Road at a rate of $5.

    Wasnt there some free motorcycle parking last year or is my, <err you fill in whatever here .. I cant remember> cuttin in again?
  8. Pretty sure it used to be free somewhere...

    Don't think I'll bother this year, apart from only being able to make 2 hrs on Friday or Sunday mornings...
  9. Was not free last year; I was on the stand for two days and it cost $5 each day. That said, the bikes were patrolled by security officers, which probably wouldn't happen if parking was free.
  10. Was looking forward to the show, but not as much after reading this.

  11. Does he ever go home? :shock:
  12. Shit, you'd have to have some nerve about you to even think about messing with some bikes at a motorcycle convention.
  13. Pretty ideal place to window shop for potential thefts though!

    Will likely be there on the saturday.
  14. It certainly happens. Happened. Anyway.

    I reckon the Harley stand is going to be AWESOME. Vrod dragging ftw.
  15. D'ya reckon they will have some of those new Vrod Muscles there? I mean, I don't generally like Hareys but these are pretty damned sexy.
  16. I hope so.

    I read somewhere they have two Vrods set up on a dyno with a drag strip and tree etc on a screen. Running comps to see who can get the best 1/4 mile time. I hope I didn't just dream it, that'd be awesome.
  17. 0_0



  18. So anyone checked out the show today? How was it?
  19. nope im going on Sunday
  20. We need a 30 second review!
    Would like to go. Would like to take my boy. Would love to know if there'll be enough to keep the two of us suitably engrossed lol.