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Sydney Motorcycle Maintenance Course

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Super Sugar, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Just letting everyone know that the next motorcycle maintenance course held at Jannali, will be on Sunday 5 & 12 February 2012.

    Take a look at the website to register.


    Look under Leisure / DIY
  2. This course is run by a not for profit community college group and so this thread has been re-instated.
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  3. Hey all. I did this course about a year ago and got lots out of it. Not only does he teach and help you do what ever work/servicing on your bike but he offered to all of us to call him if ever we needed guidance, advice or assistance. The guy just loves bikes.

    Cant recommend this course highly enough for anyone wanting to learn about repairing/maintaining your bike.
  4. Cancelled :cry:

    Hope it gets rescheduled soon. If the weather is decent I might join the Putty Rd run.
  5. That's a shame. Was looking forward to it.
  6. New dates. Now Sunday March 18 & 25.

    Previous dates scrubbed due to lack of sign-ups.
  7. I had the Feb one booked and paid for, do they auto transfer your booking or refund you and you need to rebook? That course is no longer visible on their website, a search turned up nothing :S
  8. Micky, best you give them a ring. Initially they SMS'ed me about the cancellation. I called them to double check as the course was still on the website but I didn't notice the revised dates. They happily transferred me to the new dates.

    FWIW I spoke to Paula Kendall at SGSCC. She was very helpful.
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    Reviving this old thread... ;)

    Is there any other maintenance courses in Sydney or NSW?

    Or perhaps someone kind enough to organise a day with fellow Netriders and teach basic maintenance? I just came from my P test and all of us would have gladly paid $100 each to be taught that - easy $600 for a day's work for someone with patience and knowledge?

    edit: the course in St George is already full :(
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  11. 2 sessions of 5 hrs for $167? can't hurt..