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Sydney Motorcycle Expo - Your thoughts

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. Folks,

    The organisers would like some feedback from those that attended the Sydney expo this year (2009).

    Once again, I'll collate your thoughts and forward them onto ETF.

    Your feedback will assist the organisers in improving the expo. A Win/Win for all.

  2. You should be allowed to sit on all the bikes there

    i would also like a designated test track that all manufacturers commit to (similar to what Harley and victory did this year)
  3. i thought the weather was uncalled for. other than that the show was awesome.
  4. I actually agree with this, at least for the major manufacturers. I understand the objections but many potential purchasers attend explicitly to investigate what they fit on and having to round up a sales bloke is often impractical during the busier times.
  5. It wasn't as good as Bendigo's.

    OK, I confess I wasn't at the Sydney show, but it just couldn't have been as good......[-(
  6. I didn't see a lot of it, but what I saw was crisp, very professional and a good advertisement for the machines/products.

    In terms of sitting on bikes, I guess it is a "show" show, and the manufacturer's postion would be that you can do that in the weeks that follow at your local xyz dealership....

    $23 for ticket including parking is a bit rich, though. The venue is there and the area you park in is right in front; the only costs to the organisers would have been someone to collect the money and circulate around throughout the day keeping watch.
  7. My honest opinion is that it was quite ordinary really.
    It's just an oversize showroom, with the sideshow on the side.
    Most people that want a new bike would already know the brand they are looking for, and can see the same bikes in a showroom.
    It's only that you can see all brands under one roof.
    If you want to haggle prices, you would do so at the dealers.
    Unlike a car show, where they have some "concept" cars, bikes havn't really changed in a great sense over the years, i.e. ABS brakes, has only filtered down from the car industry.
    As for the sideshow, if you want to buy hornee jeans, they are available at most accessory stores, same as andy strapz, e.t.c., do people really hold off buying till a bike show.
    Some of the stands were pretty bare, so did not have much to offer as such (sorry vic, hornet, and would not hurt jason to actually say hello to people).
    Not sure how to improve the event actually, but also thought the cost for entry was a bit much (even getting $3 off per entry for myself and kids using netrider card).
  8. My thoughts..

    1) Pretty much the same show every year, like a repeat
    2) Needs more activities, as in, test rides, special guests and stage talks about new machines at the manufactures stands
    3) no more airconditioning break down
    4) needs more stands for motorcycle goods for show specials
    5) more prizes as in 1st 2nd 3rd, not just 1 prize
    6) no more Vic in the netrider stand as i could not bare to look at that head no more
    7) no more BMW stand

    and yes, free parking for bikes, apart from 6 and 7, 1,2,3,4 and 5 is what i think
  9. ..highlight seemed to be looking at all the bikes in the parking area outside!!
  10. I'm with Tweetster on that - the parking lot was more interesting than the show :)

    As a Kwakka fan I was more impressed with the BMW stand - very impressive.

    Overall - average. I doubt I'll go next year.
  11. Might also add, why is there an actual entry fee charged.

    The manufacturers are there to display there products, so that we, the public , can see what they have to sell, and therefore buy.

    The same bikes are in the showrooms to see, and as it is only just a large showroom, why do we need to pay to see, what can be seen for free.

    I understand that there is costs involved in having the show, i.e. venue rental, but should this not be met by the manufacturers....
  12. How much would it cost you to drive or ride to the locations of every single stand-holder? A lot more than $18, I'd bet :wink:.
  13. Maybe, but as I said before, most people in the market for a new bike, have an idea what brand and type of bike they are after .
    Hence, if the manufacturers want to show off there products to the buying public, why charge for that priviledge.
  14. Was my first visit to the bike show and while it was ok I was a little underwhelmed. I guess I was expecting it to be bigger, me and the missus walked the whole thing at a leisurely pace, even sat on a few bikes with the missus jumping on the back to check out the pillion comfort and checked out every stall and were pretty much done in 90 minutes. We did skip the Yamaha arena so that probably cut the time a bit. The displays seemed a bit dead with just the bikes sitting there to be looked at. Cant recall seeing a single stats plaque next to the bikes like you get at the car show telling you all sorts of info on what your looking at - performances stats and things as well as as whether your looking at a basic model or something with options. Maybe some big video screens with interesting videos on them showing off the bikes in action. How about a roster for the manufacturers so they each get a time slot they can fire the bikes up and let us hear them - this would be good if an aftermarket exhaust place had a stall =D>
    Enjoyed seeing Charlie Boorman in the flesh but felt sorry for the guy with the huge line he had to face afterwards lol. Oh and more girls in skimpy lycra please
  15. I found the show this year a little disappointing, same as last years pretty much.

    Next year if I go I'm just gonna look at the bikes parked outside the show.
  16. probably the timing of it is what makes it the same each year, if they had it after the overseas launches they could show all the new models, and yes they shouldn't have it on hot days :LOL:
  17. wondering why Moto Guzzi was a no show..Dissapointed..
  18. I didnt find the show too bad, i drove in as i dont have a bike or license yet... and the walk from the parking to the show in the heat sucked a$$!
    Overall i found most of the people in there helpful and all... except honda - they didnt want to know me! Salesmen just ignored me or gave no help.

    Kawa, suzuki and *cough* hyo were great! (hyo bikes felt so cheap compared any other bikes at the show) Other manufacturers and all the gear and product people were good too.

    The one thing that i hated about the show, is now i'm in love with a few models... both the female and motorcycle types hehe that are all out of my price range. ](*,)
  19. Hi to all,'
    like other people said,it will be great next time have a chanche to try the bike that people have interesting to buy,girls in bikini are welcome too but nothing to do whith test bike,there is a lot of space so please do something more about try bike also because the prize for some bike is so expensive,touch what you wish to buy will be great to everyone.Thanks and see yoo to next.
  20. i had a great time.
    scooped some bargain gear, picked up some Rescue tape just in case, got some old dvds on sale. saw some of the nice fancy new bikes i cant afford.
    and still i regret paying $23 to walk in the door.