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Sydney Motorcycle Commuting

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Spart106, Jul 14, 2016.

  1. Hi Forum,
    I currently work right next to town hall station and I normally get to work at around 5:30-6:30am. I am just about to move to Wollstonecraft (7.5-8km from work). I am debating if I commute into work or catch the train. Both trips take around 15 - 20 mins.

    Motorcycle Stats
    VTR250 2001 - 250km per 11L tank which is around $0.05 per km. Thats around $0.8-$1.00 per day.
    Toll - $90 per quarter which is around $1.50 per day if I do it every day.
    Parking - Free

    That totals around $2.50 per day

    This will be similar amounts of time but less fun but much easier.
    Cost - around $6 per day.

    Looking at this, motorcycle is cheaper and more fun.

    What I am worried about is wear and tear on the bike as it has done like 58k Km. I lube chain every 2 tanks or if it rains and I am strict on the oil and oil filter.

    I plan to get a new bike in 12 months time when I get unrestricted license but I will probably keep my vtr250 till she dies as I will use her to commute or for random trips.

    How much cost and wear and tare can I expect commuting on the bike?
  2. Filters, oil and tyres are your biggest wear an tear items if you self maintain. Tyres are expensive and wear out a lot faster than car tyres. And it's worse on bigger capacity bikes. Brake pads, chain and sprockets are next on your list. Brake fluid and and then the odd part.

    If you dont' self maintain, then forget about it.

    If you already have the bike registered and insured anyway then you can remove that from the equation.

    the biggest expense for most bike, however, is devaluation. In your case, if you maintain it, that actually won't be much, because it's probably as cheap as it's ever going to get. But keep that fact in mind when you upgrade.

    Overall the train will undoubtedly be cheaper. but riding a bike isn't really about saving money. Only car drivers believe that.
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  3. Thank you! Yes I self maintain, including doing my own tyres :).

    I might run an experiment, 3 months commuting on bike then 3 months on train and see.
  4. I would ride the bike when the sun is out and take the train when the weather sucks.

    Wear and tear over such a small distance should be minimal unless you are pushing the limits on the way to work!
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  5. train it for 3 months in winter and take the bike for the remainder weather permitting. the other thing is convenience as far as being able to take the mc straight to your front door or doing side trips/errands on the way home; you can't put a monetary value on convenience.

    if I had the choice between riding the mc or the train and the time and cost were similar there is no way I would opt for the train especially when the weather is nice.
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  6. you'll save money on after work drinks when riding.
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  7. Thanks everyone!!

    I have full on winter gear and rain over gear so I am not too worried about that. Also I can leave my cloths at work.

    My job also lets me possibly do Sherpa or Ubereats stuff during the day which I can do if I take the bike :)
  8. You are spoilt for choice with transport in that area (bus also a fast option) and at 5.30-6.00am it should be a fairly quiet commute whatever option you pick. Getting out of the cbd on the way home will be somewhat painful in rush hour but the close proximity to home means that once you are across the bridge it's over quickly.
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  9. Bike. No question. You can't take a detour on the way home thru some twisties 100km away on a train....
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  10. Bike it is!!

    Should I be worried about racking up the KM? My odo says like 56k km but its on its seccond engine with im not sure how many km.
  11. I live the the same area mate. I commute to Chatswood and city as work is in both locations and sometimes need to go between offices.
    It's a fairly easy commute on the bike without too much wear and tear.

    If you ever want to take the long way then go via lane cove and into Gladesville bridge and go into city via Victoria Rd.
    You will avoid toll and have a longer commute. Plus as you go so early you will have no issues with Vic Rd traffic at that time.
    Enjoy the bike as its a good mood booster after a long day at work.
  12. The problem is if you feel like taking a detour through some twisties 100kms away on the way TO work... :sneaky:
  13. I do this on my way home. For me it adds about 5kms to my trip but I save the toll over the bridge and I get a few twisties on the way home!
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  14. No problem, I work for myself :LOL:
  15. Riding in the cold rain during winter sucks but perhaps not as much as being stuck standing in a train carriage with no AC in the middle of the Aussie summer. As some others have said I'd commute according to the season.
  16. With a journey that short I'd be looking at a pedal cycle for the nice days and the VTR for the crap ones.
  17. Thanks everyone!
    I am lining up fun detours already :).

    Hahaha a push bike is not a bad idea, maybe one with an electric motor to help me.