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Sydney motorbike paintjob - ideas?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by nath, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. Anyone have experience with bike painters in sydney? Am wanting to paint my daytona 675 (the black scratch-tastic finish is pissing me off, some people love shiny black paint - but it is driving me nuts worrying about every little scratch that shows up just from breathing on it)..

    I wouldn't mind having a look at some example paint jobs (the old 675 I had in the UK was grey/silver/"graphite") but wondering if there's a funky variation of that.. e.g. with a pearl/sheen or metallic effect: anyone know where I could go to see some examples of paint finishes?
    e.g. the big book of pimped paintjob colours? :cool:

    It's kinda hard to visualise without actually seeing some example swatches or something..

    Or do you reckon it'd be worth going to a car painting place because they probably don't screw you quite as much for the same job.

    Also: I was thinking I'd see if they can put an extra deep clear-coat for maximum paint life/resistance to scratches. Is that a good idea or nonsense? :?
  2. Also: I looked into decals and I think they're going to work out far cheaper buying from the USA. Bloody triumph prices are 580 bucks or so..
    But maybe there's somewhere local to get 'em cheaper?
  3. My wife's Cruze has a pearled black finish. It's subtle in that you only notice it close up. But it's shiny black, and that probably gets you back to where you are now? Best bet is to go to an auto paint supplier, and go through their colour charts. It certainly helps if you have a make/model/colour to start with, but if you've got a bit of time on your hands, you're bound to find what you're looking for - as long as you know what that is. This could also turn into a massive time-wasting black-hole if you're just tyre-kicking :wink:

    All my colour schemes (except the stock standard one) were done this way. The latest was the Atomic Green Holden put on their SS range last year. See a colour, note what it's on, then go to the paint shop and get them to mix it up. If you're getting someone else to paint, give them the colour info.


    clear coating is a seperate stage, and you can specify how many coats you want applied. You'll want to apply a clear before you put your decals on, then as many as you want after they've cured for a week (or two).

    It's the clear coat that determines the level of gloss you end up with. You can also turn any paint job satin by using a satin clear coat. There's some shit-hot satin black bikes on this forum, but they're not for everyone.

    No experience with bike shop vs car shop I'm afraid, so no help there.

    Oh. I've also found decals to be cheaper from the States.

  4. collide a scope in asquith / hornsby do good work.. couldnt say what the cost is like as ive always had insurance done there. always a full shop and im sure they wouldnt mind if you dropped in for a chat. king rd hornsby.
  5. paint in sydney

    Hey... I had my r1 painted by a "black" (his real name is Spence) at APWR in Chard road brookvale. Just bought the new CB1000R today and i'm about to go back there to get a custom paint job done on it! Def can recommend his work... he specialises in bike painting and fairing repair work.

    Can get you the number if you want.
  6. Thanks for the replies guys.

    Bikeboy: I might look into getting a perl over the graphite (if such a thing exists).. What I might do is take a look around at some paintjobs on vehicles and use that as a base..
    Satin bikes: the street triple R comes in a matt graphite which is pretty nice looking.. Just not sure on whether I'd go that finish. Might be nice actually. Although kinda tough call to give up on shiny for matt finish.. Hrmm..

    OldBellHelmet: thanks, I'll see if I can dig up their number and give 'em a shot.

    sax1: did a search for them and seem to have had some happy customers on the web. Might have a chat to them also..
  7. yeah, it's a big call. I reckon they look great, but I'm a bit concerned about their durability. You can easily polish out a blemish on a gloss finish, but I don't think there's much you can do to a satin without altering the sheen. I could be wrong of course, as I've never had to maintain one, but I'd be interested in any views from guys that do?

    Don't forget the before and after pics when you're done :wink: