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Sydney Motor Show

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tony101, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. Just had a look at the motor show web site. From what I can see from the exhibitors list there are only cars & scooters! I was thinking of going to the motor show to sit on as many bikes as possible, one stop shop! Is there no bikes at this years motor show?

  2. You may have to wait for the Motorcycle Show in November ....
  3. That's just too long to wait.
  4. i believe there will be some netrider reps going to the show, so it could be a good oppertunity to abuse meet them :LOL:
  5. Thanks guys. It's a week before my L's. Good timing!
  6. What a bugger, been waiting all year for the Motorcycle Show, and now I have to be in Orange for a wedding all that weekend. At least I get to go for a couple of big rides...
  7. Save your money on the motor show. It's always pretty lame. You can see it all by going to the local car dealer and you don't have to pay.

    They never release anything interesting and the other bits and pieces like the engine cut aways have been around forever.

    Wait for the motorcycle show
  8. Have the generally got any sales on gear? Or are they just plugging it away at standard store prices?
  9. How does the Sydney bike show generally compare to the Melbourne show?
  10. Last year it was pretty good. the only problem was triumph didn't make an appearance.

    a "few show" only deals.

    It had some skin, but there can always be more, can't there?
  11. Yeah, I don't know about anyone else, but I was disappointed in the Melbourne bike show last year, so much so I didn't bother this year. It just seemed so, lacking in glitz, so (for want of a better word), amateur...

    I suppose I've been spoiled in the past by the bike shows of Europe, but I just expected more for my money (at least more than I could see by popping up Elizabeth St).

    Would like to check out the Sydney show some time though. Perhaps our friends across the border know how to put on a better show... :LOL:
  12. Is it the lack of presentation, or the lack of new products that disapoints you, Ed? There didn't seems to be that much new in Melbourne this year, but maybe that's because I'm seeing more info about new models online nowadays.
    It also seems that some distributors like to show new stuff at the MotoGP ans WSB expos, cutting back the new releases at the shows a bit.
    It's still worth my while to go down to Jeffs shed, though, because I'm usually stuck for time to get around to that many dealers these days.
  13. I've always seen a bike show as a way of seeing everything bike related all in one place.

    Bikes yes, but also gear and accessories. I get tired of wandering around stores trying to find a particular type of jacket or trousers that I know exists, but just can't find anywhere.

    Everybody is looking for something different I guess. To me, $15 or so spent to look at bikes, many of which I can see in any bike shop is a waste of money. But, I'd happily pay that to get all the clothing and accessories in one place.
    I feel like we're missing out on a lot of the choice that's out there.