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Sydney Morning Herald Scooter Article

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by ricomac, Nov 28, 2005.

  1. http://www.smh.com.au/news/national/all-revved-up/2005/11/27/1133026350293.html

    This article says a few things that I am not sure are correct. It says scooters are safer than bikes due to their low centre of gravity. But I was told that scooters are more dangerous due to their small wheels?

    It also says that scooters are big chick pullers. I have had a scooter for a year and have not gotten any new action. Maybe my scooter isnt good enough...............
  2. How can it be safer when the article shows two scooter riders in open-faced helmets and no gloves. Note the comment about scooters being safer is a quote from an IT businessman who rides one - yep, sure he's an expert in road safety. It's these sorts of scooter riders (those that think they're "safe" 'cause they only ride a scooter) that are only going to lead to an increase in two-wheeled accidents which'll probably mean higher saftey levy's, restrictions etc. for the rest of us.
  3. I believe somebody posted stats in another thread that would confirm this. I seem to recall that it was some years since the last scooter fatal in the posters state (can't remember which). I suspect scooters are safer because they don't appeal to the mind-set that confuses recklessness with skill.
  4. There may be fewer fatalaties on scooters due to the fact that few ever get above 60kph but the argument that they are "safer" than bikes would also need to look at whether scooters are involved in a greater number of accidents.
  5. My understanding is that scooters are more unstable than motorbikes due to their smaller wheels.

    I suppose if you look at fatalities, scooters may come out safer due to less fatalities. I don't know the exact figures. Of course, there are way less scooters on the roads than mototcycles so this could also be a contributing factor.
  6. Yep I agree. There are less scooters on the road so you would expect less accidents/fatalities anyway even if they were no more/less safe than bikes. I wonder if some scooter accidents get classed as motorbike accidents and so make bikes look relatively more dangerous.

    As someone who is about to upgrade to a bike, I know I have been in danger from not wearing any protective clothes. Since I have decided to upgrade (and been advised on this site), I have at least bought gloves and draggin jeans and no longer ride in thongs (was told I could lose my toes if I came off).
  7. I haven't been able to understand the reasoning that a scooter is 'unstable' due to it's small wheels. I haven't heard anyone getting into a viscious tankslapper on there 50 cc Vespa?

    Is it the potholes are an issue?

    Can someone explain the physics?

    Have any Scooter riders crashed due to the wheel size?

    I always thought the low centre of gravity and pretty lazy steering geometry make them somewhat idiot proof.

    Puzzled, Mark.
  8. The broader useage base in Europe, and stats from there, might give us some more useful info....
  9. Gyroscopic effect - a small wheel spinning requires much less force to tip over than a larger/heavier wheel. So scooters require less force to tip over and do not stay upright as easily when moving as a bike.
  10. I nearly had a problem driving to St Ives from Harbord to do my Ps. I think it is illegal on the 50cc doing those high speed roads but I had to get there to do my Ps. Anyway, redlining at 60k the whole way I hit a little hole in the road and thought I might fall off. Not very nice to be honest.

  11. I don't know about the "lazy steering geometry". I rode a 125cc scooter last week and it was very quick steering indeed, to the point of being quite 'twitchy'. I suspect that the wheel size is the factor at play here.
  12. At the end of the day, they are both two wheel machines that require the control and direction of a human rider, that's the safety difference.

    If all motorcycles were only used to punt from St Albans to the CBD through peak hour traffic everyday, we'd be just as 'safe' as scooter riders. Saying a lower COG is safer without referring to the context in which it is safer is a rubbish statement. It's like saying a broom is safer than a mop because it has bristles.

    The fact is they are used for differing purposes which is the reason for the statistical difference. Same reason dirt bikes have different injury stats.

    Personally, I think scooters are great.
  13. They were talking about bikes and scooters on the radio here in Adelaide a few weeks ago... I think they said the last scooter fatality in SA was either in 1963 or 1983, so either way not a huge incidence. At the risk of offending the bike-riding crew here I'd say that people on scooters would tend to ride well within what they perceive to be their own limitations and the limitations of their scooters, and maybe they don't travel as far and/or at speeds much over 60km/h. There's been a spate of bike accidents here in SA recently (or maybe I just prick my ears up more now that I'm on two wheels?) and all the ones I've heard about seem to be accidents at higher speeds than a scooter would usually travel at, or on roads that a scooter rider would probably not tackle. My 20 year old stepson is thinking about getting a scooter, but with his lack of defensive driving style and respect for any vehicle he was using I think he'd quickly mar South Australian scooting's safety record!
  14. You don't see any scooters taking long sweeping corners, tight twisty corners up the mountain, going to the spur, reefton etc. do you?? I suspect it is the WAY the type of bike is ridden and the location at which they are ridden which makes them look safer in terms of fatalities.
  15. $12,000 for a scooter? :shock: :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. What a load of cods wallop.

    The statement's of a true idiot. "Im gunna be hit by lightning because I stand on the ground." Or "Im gunna drown because I swim."
    You can still be killed in a car accident driving a Volvo with 14 air bags. What a chump.

    And citing the wrong reasons for improved safety. Would have done the cause a lot better if the writer had mentioned full face helmuts, gloves and jackets.

    Oh wait, you can't wear a full face helmut to a Cappuccino strip, because nobody will recognize you.
    How about when you drop your face on the tarmac at 50kmh pal, nobody will ever recognize you then.
    I think we should all e-mail this Huxley chump and tell him his arcticle sucks.
  17. I agree that the gyroscopic effect would be a lot lower due to the smaller wheels, but this could be offset by the scooters smaller mass. This does not equate to 'instability' in my mind. Just quicker steering making them more nimble for flying through traffic?

    I have just never heard a scooter rider claim:

    "Whoa did you see me get all out of shape leaving Coles!!"
  18. would depend on the speed they're going i guess. probably at or below 60, it'd be fine. but i reckon it might get a little wobbly at and over 100 with wheels like that :?

    for a real big taste of that effect, have a shot on a pocketbike. its a wonder we're able to keep them upright at all :LOL: and then theres crazy bastards that put motors in them capable of well over 100kph :shock:
  19. scooters are also unstable because of their shyt riding position with your feet together the extremely simple trailing link rear suspension engine position and rough road handling abilities

    i think the reason they are perseaved as safer is because they usually don't go any faster then 60kmh and the fact they don't accelerate hard enough to scare little kids let alone get a frieght out of a full grown adult

    it's the same as comparing a french fry to a double whopper with cheese

    you eat the french fry because it's cheap satisfy's your hunger and does it's job satisfactorily

    you eat the double whopper with cheese because it's the greatest tasting burger ever it is covered in everything not good for you but it feels so damn good and leaves you wanting more until your hooked and change your way of life just to get more of them
  20. Just because less people die on scooters than bikes it doesn't mean that the scooters are any safer. They might be more dangerous (and i'm sure they are) and just ridden so quietly that people don't get into strife like some bikers might.