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Sydney Mobile Motorcycle & Scooter repairs

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by sanoptic, May 12, 2009.

  1. Hi,
    Had a Major service done by Mark Walker on my 95' Triumph Daytona.
    He arrived at 9am & got stuck into it while i watched.
    Valve check,carb balance coolent & brake/clutch fluid done ,air filter replaced & plugs done.Plus streering checks & a few other things i can't remember.
    Final bill came to $550.00 & the bike runs great.
    Happy to recommend to anyone in Sydney who wants first class work done.

  2. and what would the quote be in a shop for same work?
  3. what was the initial quote given to you?
  4. Hi,
    Initial quote he gave me was between $500-600 depending on any other work/parts that needed to be done.
    Other bike shops in my area would not quote because bike is 14 years old.
    It was rather cool watching a Mechanic go to work in my garage & knowing all the work required was done.

    How many times had you taken a bike to a dealer & then wondered what goes on behind the service doors & if they do the service properly.

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  5. Exactly.

    Thanks for the reply. Im actually booked in for tomorrow. I just wanted to know approx how much they charge compared their quotes.

    Thanks heaps.
  6. whats the verdict
  7. could you post up the contact details of the mechanic if he was any good, i'd pm you but i haven't made enough post to pm yet.

  8. I might do this next time, I like the fact you can hang around and actually see the work being done, I'm sure I'd learn something.

    Surely there are some limitations though, odd filters etc?
  9. .......................
  10. Thanks I need this, the mechanic I normally use at Blacktown has once again shafted me and increased the price by a huge amount. Keep rolling with the mechanics people use guys, the more choices the better.
  11. Do you know if he can stamp your log book?
  12. Any licensed mechanic can stamp your logbook so yea he can.
  13. Based on the recommendation of this thread, I have booked Mark for a service Thursday/Friday next week. Considering I have also been looking at attending a motorcycle maintenance course, this should be great.