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Sydney - Melbourne - Tasmania & back.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by MotoTraveler, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    After lot of reading, have decided to do this trip with wifey this Easter. We'll be riding from Sydney, staying at Canberra overnight and to Melbourne and to the ship.

    I looked at various other threads or tours to Tasmania and have put together this map of the best riding roads. I still need to plan how I am going to cover each of them. Will base myself somewhere up north and later south or keep jumping places and spend the night in between, unsure as of now.

    Any thoughts on Accommodation? Do not plan to camp. Will be looking at any other cheap and safe accommodation.

    Have not done such big trip before, any advice would be helpful and appreciated. Tassie riders? People who have done this one? Wise people?


    PS: As per the map, it will be approximately 2400kms. Should be easy in 10 full days there.
  2. Looks like a lot of fun - those "dead end" routes would be nice day trips...
    I would extend the "M to N" section all the way to Campbell Town, then had back to the coast on the road that goes to St Marys in the map above. Coles Bay is lovely but it's not a riding area with big-arse sand drifts across the road in; unless you're really into hiking (Wineglass Bay is beautiful...) you can skip it...
    Have fun, and remember Easter is probably a lot cooler there than you're used to...
  3. +1 to Nitekreeper the infamous Lake Leake Hwy well worth it. The run to Strathgordan is magic, watch out for the wildlife. Fuel is available at the end but only Diesel and 91RON I think and it is $$$$ Fill up at Maydena on the way in, much cheaper.

    Strahan is worth doing some touristy bits, Franklin River cruise and the AZT wilderness railway.

    Accommodation, lots of caravan parks have on site vans or cabins for hire overnight. Maybe worth pre booking as Easter accommodation may be tight. Lots of pubs do cheap rooms and if you want to go a bit more upmarket then B&Bs.

    Coming from Canberra to Melbourne, if you have time avoid the Hume and come this way.

    Have fun. :)
  4. Looks like a good plan, but there are plenty more good roads down here! I have a couple of year's worth of Targa recce notes and maps. If you're interested, PM me :)
  5. Hehe my family came from up there; dad used to coach the Maydena footy team, and his mate was the copper at Bushy Park.
    It's the area where all the "rumours" about Tasmanians and incest started ;)
  6. envious
  7. ^ about the incest?
  8. I did a almost same 'Drive' around a few years ago and it was an aweseom trip. Since that day, I've been thinking of doing a 'Ride' around & hope to achieve that one day as well. Cradle Mtn, Strahan & Bruny Island stood out (a tiny bit) but the whole place rocks.
  9. Far more extensive trip than mine last Easter - looks good.

    FWIW, I can recommend the B12/C136 west from Deloraine (around the back of Mt Roland), and also the B28 between Tullah and Queenstown. Both out of your way, but you will not be disappointed.
  10. Ahh well well.. too much to do, too little time.

    Thanks for the input guys. I am trying to sort out the accommodation at the moment. After some work, I have short listed these properties/places to spend the night. Yes you guessed it, I am looking at the cheapest ones after camping.

    I thought about building a base in Launceston and Hobart and roam around from there. But I guess it'll be nicer to take it easy a bit and not worry about heading back all the time. Here's what I have gathered so far, almost at all ends.

    $50 a night - North East Scottsdale http://www.tassiepubs.com.au/lords.php
    $70 a night - North West Waratah http://www.tassiepubs.com.au/bischoff.php


    $120 a night - Centre East Swan Sea http://www.swansea-holiday.com.au/accomm.htm
    $125 a night - Centre West Strathan http://www.discoveryholidayparks.com.au/tas/macquarie_harbour/strahan/accomodation

    $100 a night - Very South-East Port Arthur http://portarthurhp.com.au/

    $52 a night - Far North West Stanley http://www.stanleycabinpark.com.au/bookings.html

    $84 a night - Hobart http://www.hostelworld.com/hosteldetails.php/Hobart-Hostel/Hobart/14422

    $85 a night - Launceston http://www.hostelworld.com/hosteldetails.php/Batman-Fawkner-Inn/Launceston/38756?sc_sau=sfab

    $130 a night - South South Bruny Island http://www.brunyisland.com/accommodation/
  11. The links above cover 9 nights, and extra 2 nights I might just stay at Hobart.
    Do you think I could skip staying at one place and add another night at a 'better' place?

    Don't hear much about Swan Sea or Coles Bay, you think I might skip that and add another night at Stathan?

    Or you know of any cheaper places to stay around those areas?
  12. Hobart Hostel is pretty rough... you could try Adelphi Court YHA in Hobart instead. I would recommend that you do Port Arthur as a day trip from Hobart rather than stay down there. You could spend an extra night in Strahan to make the most of the good roads over that way :) Be sure to drop into the Wall in the Wilderness near Derwent Bridge on the way through! You may be better off staying at St Helens rather than Swansea, make sure you ride Elephant Pass and St Marys Pass and visit the Gardens :)
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  13. I've literally just done two weeks touring Tassie.... you will have a BALL!!!!!!

    I didn't use the Highway from Canberra - but instead went:
    Canberra - Cooma - Bombala - Cann River then across Vic. Much better ride.

    Your Tassie routes are very similar to many I did.... but as noted above - don't just to half the Lake Leake Hwy!!!! You won't be able to stop! Go East Coast into Campbell Town. Have lunch / coffee at the Red Bridge Cafe I think it is called - and then ride Lake Leake Hwy back out to the east coast! You won't regret it!

    Happy to offer other highlights from my experience if you want.
  14. A massive change of plan, considering the weather and limited time and 'it's-always-about-you' remarks.

    We'll now be flying, hiring a car, and spend the holidays like most people do.

    Riding the island roads will have to wait. *Hangs his head*.
  15. Is that the one on the Main Road in Newtown? used to be a block of flats when I were a lad...
  16. Well that sucks.
    Easter is the BEST time for weather, BTW. She owes you big time now - exploit it well.
  17. Tragic news. Time for the moody silences, heartfelt sighs, longing looks at motorcycles when they go by. :)

    Perhaps the wife can take the car and you can take the bike. That way the car can carry all the gear and you can be free to enjoy an unencumbered ride. ;)
  18. That was me for years before I bought my bike. :)
  19. It's this one :)
  20. Hi,

    My wife and I are doing a simalar trip on the 18th Feb for 3 weeks. I have done Tassie a couple of time this time I am going to do some of the dirt roads.... Best one (i am told) is Arthur River to Zeehan. The plan is 2 days to Melbourne... Sydney - Jindabyne across the mountain to Bright and then Mt Hotham into Melbourne. We are going to camp this time... subject to weather and riding a BMW 1200GS. We are going to run a blog with pic etc's ... So keep an eye out for the link... Preparation is important so I will start the blog 1 week before we leave.