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Sydney Meeting Place or "Hangout"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Seamus, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. Hello, :)

    Any nice places you know of to meet or "hangout" on a weekday evening from time-to-time?

    I often see bikes outside a cafe at Neutral Bay and sometimes on a weekday evening when I am on the way home from wherever. But Neutral Bay is a bit out of the way for most most of the riders I know who live on the other side of the Harbour Bridge.

    So, Harry's Cafe De Wheels is another place where bikes are often found, but it lacks cover from the elements (if there is a sudden unexpected downpour) and the police have been known to move along some motorcyclists for whatever reason.

    Maybe a "hang-out" for a bunch of riders who are spread out all around Sydney is not possible and several meeting places would be required.

    Can anyone recommend a centrally located Sydney Cafe with easy access, parking and a relaxed atmosphere where motocyclists are known to frequent?

    Thank you,

  2. There's a nice place at Old Northern Road Dural, left hand side heading north before the big roundabout., but not very central to most members. There's Deus Ex Machina, but that's a bit... shite...
  3. I'm just facilitating all the angles...

    Also I'm not sure there really IS a hangout central to Sydney. They tend to be far out due to the fact getting there on a bike is more fun than the actual destination.
  4. there's a decent place in Randwick that the eastern suburbs riders go to
  5. Come to Krispy kreme every thursday at 7.30 pm in liverpool
  6. Where the fully sick people hang.... :p :LOL:
  7. ill get my cousins on ya! :LOL: heCtIc!!!

    In all seriousness, a bunch of us riders from road rocket riders meet up there.
  8. Geez, I thought you knew me for a minute. I have a bit of a reputation for a partiality to the Krispy Kreme twelve pack. :)

    I suppose in my case I'm thinking of the city or city-east, but this ain't very central for most I suppose.
  9. yeah, liverpool KK's gets a lot of riders coming through
  10. if you want leb's, go to north parramatta maccas after midnight anyday, if you want emo's go to castle hill maccas after 10 thursday-sundy
  11. you forgot the posers at the Stanmore maccas
  12. True.. many a late trip home from the city.

    That place is always packed with morons.
  13. krispy and maccas are filth. Humans should not eat that stuff
  14. I was at Thornleigh Maccas last night - it's actually orright.

    Just gotta watch the nth shore P-platin school kiddies don't back over your bike with mummy's Lexus RX330, but parking in a group, I reckon we'd be fine :grin:

    ... Pennant Hills Rd also has some beautiful sweepers as long as you're prepared to break the speed-limit ;) and dodge the odd truck here and there.
  15. Sic bRo :LOL:

    Now the new stuff has opened down there is da bomb isnt it :wink: :LOL:
  16. yeah thornleigh is probably the safest 24hour maccas in sydney imo.

    and there are fairly egular cops on pennant hills road, ESP near the community center at the intersection with north rocks road. i see them there at least 1ce every 2 weeks, normally 1 a week.

    also as you get towards paramatta a bit theres what 3? (or 2) speed cameras.
  17. Castle Hill maccas is going 24 hours soon!

    After working as a cook the whole kitchen would go to parra maccas for 'maccanats' and watch the wankers hoon around, start fights, make oinking noises at the cops. Happy times.
  18. it is 24, has been for a couple of weeks
  19. Reading this thread....Sydney is just screaming for someone to open a lunch till late cafe/resturaunt/bar amalgamation catering to riders. Like hooters, except with attractive wait staff and motogp and supahs playing on the plasmas instead of nascar.

    Jesus you'd make a fortune. Tie-ins with local bike retailers, merch for sale, special deals, track day giveaways....
  20. I like your thinking!

    Who's got the funds? Hahah...

    Dammit, every time I see your location... I want kebabs :shock: