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Sydney mechanic for 1985 model?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by slygrog, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,

    Looking for a mechanic in Sydney who's good with the classic. The guys at SMW are booked out until the 25th of April, and I was hoping to get it sorted before then (worried about running the engine due to a weird noise, but don't want the battery to die on me - apparently it's in need of some running to get a charge).

    My normal mechanic said my bike is too old for them, so I'm on the hunt.
  2. Oh, it's a Honda GB400. I have contacted the guys at Motociclo on the recommendation of the SMW guys but not sure if they'll work on a Honda!
  3. western motorcycles would probably do it but being in penrith that's a tad far outta your way - as for your battery, buy a trickle charger you can get a reasonable one on the cheap from most auto stores and it'll save you wasting fuel on keeping the battery upto scratch.
  4. ^^^^this or Mick Dyer motorcycles one of the best there is
  5. Oooh, thanks guys, didn't see those in my thread searching! Also have contacted BMS, Balmain, Motorcycle Empire and Riders Highway. Will let you guys know if any of them are pro-old as f.ck models, just in case anyone comes a-searching later.

    Thanks again for quick response. :)

  6. Motorcycle Empire have worked on my 91 Suzuki
  7. Do you recommend?
  8. Yes, they also work on my Nomad
  9. I heard back from a bunch of people. Here's a run-down.

    SPM Motorcycles: Brendan emailed me and was a) awesome, b) hilarious, c) really up-front about the situation (can work on the bike but older bikes are hard to quote for, so here is how we'd do it... etc). I read Brendan's email AFTER I had organised my service with someone, but the reviews for these dudes are stellar, my encounter with them was great and they're open to bikes outside the 'brand new' range.

    BMS Motorcycles: I heard from a GB owner who uses these guys for his service, and they also got back to me and have great reviews, but again I had already organised my service!

    The other guys had long wait times or didn't do bikes of my vintage.

    BUT THE POINT IS I ended up going to Riders Highway. My bike is in there now, and the guy who runs it (Ali) is so, so awesome. I've read that he was/is a BMW-qualified mechanic, and used to work at Procycles. I didn't ask him about it though.

    But the point is.. He was unfazed by my bike's age ("at the end of the day, it's still a bike"), he explained his thoughts/theories on the ticking noise etc without being condescending, and - most of all - he seems to have fixed both the oil leak and the noise with very little fanfare. When I told him I was looking to re-upholster the seat and possibly sandblast/powder coat the tank, he said he could help by sending the bits and pieces to his specialist hook-ups. I just emailed him to follow up on the seat situation and he said he's gonna take the seat to his seat dude and see what his price is (vs the one I found myself). He just seems to be incredibly helpful and genuine, and happy to help out.

    I haven't picked my bike up yet but I saw it this morning (I dropped another bike off for a service on my way to work) and he told me where it was up to and what we were waiting on (parts!).

    I will let you guys know if anything goes awry when I get the bike back and on the road, but if you're looking for a good mechanic now my preliminary report is that this shop is really great. It's new, clean, close to a few train stations (that's another thing - when I dropped my bike off, Ali offered to give me a lift to the train station!) and everyone there is great to deal with.

    Hope this is helpful to someone!

    Thanks for all your recommendations, I did check them all out and they seem awesome.
  10. Motorcycle weaponry enjoy taking my money to work on my VFR, considering your bike is a Ptwin aircooled (afaik) it would be pretty simple to work on, it surprises me that mechs are not interested, as far as i can see i mean if you get some guy who has an old bike, you can lock in a good revenue stream because their bike is going to explode twice a year.
  11. Check out Mark Tudor Motorcycles too for future reference. Specialises in the Jap bikes. Really knows his stuff and has been invited by Honda to their places and what not.

    Great bloke.