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Sydney M5, No Tag but bike plate on account?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bcg, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I recently bought an eWay tag for the car and added the motorcycle plate as well (as a motorcycle) but did not get a motorcycle tag (for reasons which escape me at the time).

    If I ride through will I just get photoed as if my tag did not register or is it fine time?

    Anyone tried this?


  2. I'm sure most of the them are the same - I've got the RTA tag (whatever its called) on my car with my bike also on the account - no need to bring it with you on the bike it will just turn up on your statement.
  3. They would usually plate match you but on most toll roads if you get the notice and then give them your tag details they will only bill you the toll amount rather than the fine as well (which you can still claim in cashback on the M5).

    The CCT is the exception to this apparently as they will charge a plate matching.

    The photo system isn't very effective on the M5 BTW so you may not be billed.
  4. Yeah, that's what prompted the question as I rode through last week a few days after getting my account set up and just checked the account this morning. Still has the opening balance in it - so I guess the M5 camera can't catch a big guy on a F800ST wobbling through at 60...

    Impressive technology :)
  5. Any time I've used to M5 I've always been plate matched, it's like $13 or something I think, still cbf getting a etag.

    I saw another rider rotate his rego holder and cover the first letter of his plate, not sure if it works though ;)
  6. Obscured number plates is a points offence. Not worth it over a few dollars IMO
  7. M5 plate matches back to the tag. I travel it twice a week and the only thing i notice is a charge to my tag (which is in the car) statement every three months.
  8. I bought the eway motorbike tag that attaches to your arm, it doesn't work very well so I don't bother carrying it anymore, just let them plate match it
  9. $13?

    Tell me you mean $1.30
  10. Bought their magnet e-tag thing, ****ing POS still never goes off so I just keep an eye on the charges and call them up spitting if there's any plate matching fee (so far so good..). The $15 magnet thing is on the account list so they have no excuse for it not going off
  11. This is going to sound rediculous but my mate took the m5 and there was a cop with someone pulled over. He goes past at the speed limit, proceeds thru the gate continues on at the limit being passed in the toll section. Same copper comes flying up on him pulls him up and books him for "using the etag without an etag fitted to his vehicle". Told him he'd send him the fine in the mail. We had a good laugh about it, but I asked him about it the other day and apparently he did send the fine and my mate paid it.. WTF!?

    I got my bike linked to it my car tag and don't run a tag and never will.
  12. That's interesting. Rta says that you don't have to carry it for the bridge and tunnel here.


    What was the fine description?
  13. Have you seen the latest in the mail yet....

    A growing number of E-way customers choose to pay their toll using a licence plate number (LPN) in place of a tag. To recover administrative costs incurred by the M5 South West Motorway, the following fees apply from 10 October 2011:

    This fee only applies if you use the M5 South West Motorway without a valid tag as follows:

    Licence Plate Number Matching Fee: $0.45:

    Your account has insufficient funds at the time of travel;
    You do not have your tag correctly installed at the time of travel, or
    You travel without a tag in your vehicle.

    Toll Notice Fee: $1.10:

    This fee applies if you receive a Toll Notice following any of the above events, or your LPN is not registered to a valid account. (Note LPN matching fee is not applied if the Toll Notice fee is charged.)

    The fees will be refunded if your tag is not working and you have taken steps to replace it.

    Why are these charges being introduced?

    The charges recover the administrative costs of matching an LPN to your E-way account, or the costs to issue a Toll Notice. The easiest and most convenient way to pay for your trips is to always travel with a correctly installed and functioning tag in your vehicle, with sufficient funds in your account.

    E-way acknowledges that some customers may choose to use the LPN as a method of payment rather than install a tag in the vehicle. In this case the fee will apply.

    How do I avoid these charges?

    To avoid the LPN Matching Fee, make sure:

    Your E-way account is always in credit;
    You have a correctly installed and functioning E-way tag in your vehicle at all times of travel; and
    You promptly replace your faulty tag.
  14. I think my last bill was when I brought gear from MCAS at Liverpool, I think it was like $3.50 + $9 administration fee.


    I got offered a job at Chippy Norton and I'm fairly certain I'm going to take it, but I'm not looking forward to having to pay +/- $1000 in tolls a year (calculated on $3.80+$0.45*48[weeks]=$1020 for the whole year) - I'm now hoping when I tell the boss whether he'll throw in the etag as a bonus lol.
  15. double posted - how do you delete posts?
  16. but what if your front wheel is up in the air while youre going past the camera?
  17. 1. Sound slike that is the fee when you don't have an account. (though I could well be wrong and will happily stand corrected)

    2. M5 cashback dude... Get an account and then you get the money back for the M5/M4. Google it.

  18. You are pretty good if you can get it that far up. How about a picture of you doing it.

    Actually take vid in case it goes too far.
  19. You're correct. Admin fee is only when you don't have a tag. It's waived if they aren't able to plate match and send you a notice, which you then pay manually on the net with your tag account.
  20. Yeah I don't have a tag, I only used the M5 like 5 times a year, usually I just go Heathcote Rd if I'm going out west.
    Ah sweet, didn't know about the cash back!