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Sydney m/cycle inspections?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by hashius, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. as above guys ,,how do we contact these companies ,what prices should i be expecting to pay and how good/bad are they

    cheers :LOL:
  2. Which companies???

    What are you buying??
  3. Re: uppercase removed because it's rude to shout

    :shock: :shock: :shock:
  4. I used Motorcycle Inspection Services, t'was OK. However I'm still waiting for my written report wich was due almost a week ago.

    Although I haven't had any experience with him, check out Dominic at Inspect a Bike. I wanted to use him but he was busy. I have only heard good comments about him and he is a really decent bloke:

  5. Just to let you all know that the above comment from edgeyhill seems like a blatant spam from either the guy who runs Inspectabike or someone who's friendly with him, as all MIS reports have always, and will always be delivered within 24 hours of the inspection, with no exceptions.

    Our company policy of maintaining an extremely high level of customer service and satisfaction dictates that we NEVER take more than 24 hours to email a report to a client, as we understand that our clients usually wish to purchase the bike as soon as possible, if it passes our thorough inspection.Anyway, we always relay the result of the inspection to the client immediately by telephone after it has been completed.

    So please disregard this post from edgeyhill, as he's obviously just promoting Inspectabike, as if he's had no experience with him how does he know that he's "a really decent bloke"??!!

    Being a highly professional, RTA endorsed company, MIS doesn't have to employ such dubious
    tactics in order to try and under-mine our competitors.
    If you'd like to see for yourselves the high level of customer satisfaction we achieve, feel free to view
    our testimonials at:
    Thank you.
    Take care and ride safely!
    MIS Customer Service
  6. i've used MIS when i bought my 1st bike- honda spada. was very satisfied.

    would recommend them if you want an independant assessment of a potential purchase.

    my report was emailed to me that night and a hard copy sent to me promptly.
  7. Many thanks for your kind comments, Twainharte.
    I'm glad that you, like many others, have been highly satisfied with our service.
  8. I'll give another recommendation for MIS as well. I never ended up using the service (the first bike sold, and the second bike was sold an hour before it was due to be inspected! That Bandit will always be the one that got away).

    But in the communication before hand he (I forget your name :p) was very helpful providing advice about the different bikes I was looking at and also providing recommendations.