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[Sydney] Looking to borrow a angel grinder

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Tobbera, May 16, 2012.

  1. Hi folks!

    I need to replace my chain and sprockets on my bike this weekend. To shorten the chain I need tha angle grinder, file or chain breaker. I would be so happy if I could l borrow that from someone since it's a one time job for me. I'll buy you beer at the local pub! (y)

    on the Zeal
  2. You don't like angels??????

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  3. How do you grind angels?
  4. for starters you use an angel grinder:angel:
  5. touche :-s
  6. You tell them they can't consort.
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  7. Come on guys...
  8. You guys missed the obvious one that you grind angels in bed.

    I have a file and a breaker tool. Pm me.
  9. See if Aldi have any in stock, think they were 'dirt cheap' if you only need to use it 'once' and cant borrow one, get a cheapie thru trading post ?

    But for gods sake [boom boom] leave the angels alone :)
  10. if you grind angels do you get angel dust?
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  11. Nice one VC...
    If that doesn't work out, I have a Dremel that should do the job too...
  12. Isn't this how angels grind....

    And Tobbera, it might help to say what area of sydney you are in, otherwise go to Bunnings, and buy a cheap one for $40, and you will have it for those odd jobs....

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  13. Cash Converters. Probably get one for about $15.
  14. Vertical C lended me some tools yesterday so I can get to work this weekend!
  15. I came into this thread fearing a lack of jokes about the title, but you guys...*tear*
  16. $100 and 2 h later....

    Chain and sprockets replaced. The very damaged chain guard is removed since it looked too bad. Maybe try to replace it this some generic one. The bike runs so silent and smooth now.

    Thanks to Vertical C for lending me his chain breaker, made the job very easy!

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  17. Please remove this stupidly massive photo and repost at at around 1024x768
  18. I have seen that Zeal with the gigantic headlight around Pitt Street not too long ago.
  19. Yes, I was working ibn that area before...